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Typhoon Frank Hits Manila

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Just yesterday, we experienced harsh rains and deep floods brought by Typhoon Frank.

At around 8:30 in the morning, I was awaken by our neighbors rushing outside and sort of panicking. The lights were out. When I checked it out, the flood is already above our path walk gutter and any moment it would enter our houses. Typhoon Frank has hit Manila. Without even washing my face, I hurried up and started to transfer our things upstairs. Within couple of minutes, me and my brother was able to empty the lower room. A few more minutes and the water rushed into our houses. Lights went back an hour later.

Due to a higher elevation, the water in our path walk is only hip-high. In the main road outside, it the flood is almost the height of an average person.

Many people and vehicles were stranded. Even dump trucks and gasoline trucks can’t pass through the main road. We are located at the corner of G. Araneta Avenue and E. Rodriguez Sr. which well-known to transform into a ‘sea’ every hard rain and floods occur.

As a business opportunity, some ‘tambays’ in our place started a ‘bangka transport business’. They charge willing commuters a minimum of P5.00 just to be able to cross the road.

The flood subsided late in the afternoon. It was a tiring and dirty job to clean the house after such calamity. Despite the deep flood that almost altered our place in the map as a small lake, I am still thankful that noone was hurt in our place. It is just sad that there are still houses which haven’t recovered yet from the fire last October, soaked wet during the typhoon.

While eating dinner, we were able to watch the news. As expected, sad news always accompanies this time of calamity. Many people were dead and missing, numerous families went homeless and a commercial ship capsized amidst the ‘humongous’ waves. *sigh.

Here are some photos of the flood in Araneta Avenue corner E. Rodriguez:

Typhoon Frank

Local Teens transporting commuters using a small boat

Typhoon Frank

Public Jeepney still commuting despite the heavy floods in the road

Typhoon Frank

Armored tanks almost covered with flood

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