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Life’s Conflicting Don’ts

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Don’t decide when your angry
Close your mouth, don’t let the words out
Once spoken, you can’t take them back

Don’t promise when your happy
You’ll tend to forget and break someone’s heart
Just be happy but don’t get overexcited

Don’t always let your emotions guide you
Not all the times you are doing the right thing
Sometimes it is better to trust your mind

Don’t think so much, it’ll give you headache
Go with the flow and everything will be okay
But never forget to think twice before you act

Don’t say things you are not sure about
It is okay to accept and tell that you don’t know
Otherwise, it will cause troubles and misunderstandings

Don’t give ‘much’ attention to your critics
They give negative emotions and makes you pessimistic
When their words could help you grow, why not?

Don’t always agree to others, sometimes they are wrong
Don’t always disagree, sometimes they are right
When it is for the good then maybe it is right

Don’t blame others for your failures or mishaps
When in the very first place you have your own decision
It is for you to decide and plan your future

– jhoy


Clutter Control

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Last summer, i have been reading old magazines and have learned many things about self-improvement. For me, self-improvement is a continuous task that a person should always pay attention.

One article that took my interest is about clutter control. I find it very helpful for me because i could describe my room as the ‘chaotic mass of things’.

Clutter is a confused or disordered state or collection; a jumble

Based on my experience, being trapped in a messy room full of unwanted junks causes my mind troubles. You can’t think straight, oftentimes confused and always feel lazy and sleepy. I have this habit of cleaning my room once then messing it up all the time. It makes me feel down and gives negative energy to me.

Cluttered Mind

Until I read an article in the magazine that pertains to this kind of problem. I have learned that this is a problem in clutter control. From the article, i have learned 3 simple tips on how to keep things under control.

Clutter Control
by Barbara Hemphil

  1. Give every container a purpose. Designate each basket, bowl, drawer, and shelf as the home for a specific item. To get family members into the habit of putting everything in its place, use sticky notes as initial temporary reminders.
  2. Create a “de-clutter” jar. Break down massive tasks into jobs that can be finished in 30 minutes or less, write them on slips of paper, and toss them in a jar. Then pick out a few chores to do on the weekends or rainy days.
  3. Donate, donate, donate. Keep large bins in each closet to make donating unwanted items second nature. Instead of holding onto out-of-date or ill-fitting clothes, you can easily toss them into the bin and out of your life.

I have been doing #1 ever since i had the knowledge of things. I love grouping stuffs, organizing and labeling them up. I can be the most organized person out of me yet i can also be the worst when it comes to being unorganized. Conflicting, huh? Me too, I fascinate myself.

The second one got me interested to try it out but in different way. I jot down small tasks into a checklist and whenever I feel bored with my work(home and office), I look at my list and do at least one. And it works. It is like breaking the ice in a lifeless, gloomy Sunday afternoon where you feel so tired and sleepy without doing anything. Here, I could finish series of small task and feel very proud that I have accomplished something.

On the third one, I couldn’t donate things because I don’t have time to go to charity offices and there is no visible donation box around. What I do and have also taught to my brother is that, whenever there is a free time, we segregate our belongings into groups: Old stuffs Working/still useful that can be given away, can be sold to the junk shop, those that have no use anymore and uncategorized.

My mom hates it when I fix my things and give away to the neighbors or others things that are still functional. My reason:”I don’t need them anymore”. It is really hard to let go of the things that had been so close to you. This is what I tell myself, “We had shared our time together. It may be good or bad but I know for sure that they are quality moment. We have reach the point of moving on. I must let you go.” Instead of just being stuck in a spot in the house where nobody is using it, there are those who badly needs them that is why I give them away.

Right now, I try to organize things up. Slowly in small steps. I know I can do this. I can improve myself.

Quote for the day:

Clean surrounding frees your mind and help you think clearly and decide rightfully.

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