Greetings: Happy Thanksgiving 2008

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Today is the day to be grateful for another prosperous year that we had. It is the time to give thanks for all the trials that came to our lives. We may not be able to overcome them all but still we are here, alive and kicking, keeping our faith and courage to move on.

This is also the moment to have a minute or two to reflect and be thankful for the blessings that was given to us. Primarily the life given to us that makes us experience how wonderful the world is. Secondly, our family, friends and loved ones who were always there to support us. Our frenemies and critics that makes us strive harder to grow more. The talent and skills that we have in order to survive the harsh environment around us.

To all, those who are celebrating this day and those who don’t, basically everybody, happy thanksgiving to us!


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Yet Another Quote 8

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It’s been so long since i last published my last set of quotes. Here are two the latest list i made.

if a lifetime is too much for you, then let’s take it one day at a time

befriend people who would keep you as are and not with what you have. it’s not the things that you have that would make you a good friend, but you being a wonderful person will be able to nourish a great friendship.

Yet Another Quote 7

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Everyone has his own dreams but not everyone has a good plan.

No matter how big you dream, you’ll never get it if you don’t try.

If you only experience happy moments in your life, be prepared for the big test to come.

Life is always in the Yin-Ying Mode

Yin Yang


Dear Anak

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Here is a very touching and heart-breaking joke letter I have ever read. It may be a joke meant to have fun, but when you have read between the lines, it hurts.

Dear Anak,

Naipadala na namin ang 50 thousand pesos na tuition fee mo, pinagbili na namin ang mga kalabaw natin. Ang mahal pala ng subject mong COUNTER STRIKE, wala na din pala tayong baboy naibenta na din para dun sa sinasabi mo na project nyo na NOKIA N95, ang mahal naman ng project na yun.

Kasama din ang 7 thousand dun para sa field trip nyo sa MALL OF ASIA, anak malayo ba yun? Mag ingat ka sa pagbibiyahe mo, isasanla palang namin ang palayan natin para mabili mo na yung instrumentong I-POD na kinakailangan mo sa laboratory nyo.

Anak komportable ka ba dyan sa boarding house mo, saan ba kamu yan, sa VICTORIA COURT??? – maganda ba dyan? Di ba mainit dyan?

Anak kamusta na pala yung group project nyo na SAN MIG LIGHTS? Napailaw nyo na ba? Mataas ba nakuha nyo na grado dun?

Anak sana bago pa maubos ang lahat lahat ng ari arian natin ay maka gradweyt ka na, walong taon ba talaga ang kurso mo sa SECRETARIAL???

Sana paggradweyt mo makakuha ka ng trabaho kaagad kagaya ng manager ng kumpanya para mabawi natin ang mga ari arian nating nasa sanglaan.

Ay sya nga pala anak di ba sabi mo sa JOLLIBEE / MAK DONALD ka palagi kumakain, ok ba naman sa yo ang mga ulam dyan? Baka hindi masarap, kawawa ka naman.

Anak hanggang dito na lang at sa susunod ay ipapadala namin sa yo ang pera na pambili mo ng ALTIS na gagamitin mo sa VACANT SUBJECT mo.

Ang nagmamahal

Itang at Inang

P.S. Anak mag aral kang mabuti.

Yet Another Quote 6

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Being different is the hardest way to be in. But most of the time, it is the best way to live your life especially when you could be happy and free.

Standing by your principle is the toughest life battle especially when the ratio is 1:1000 wherein it’s only you on your side.

When you know you are right, then you don’t have to be afraid to fight for your side. When you are wrong, you should always have second thoughts.

Welcome Back

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Hearing you say that you are afraid of seeing me with somebody else is enough for me to know that you love me so.

Letting you go for awhile doesn’t mean i don’t love you anyore. It is just a way for the two of us to find ourselves again.

You don’t have to think of me while you are away. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry that I’ll be impatient in waiting. I’ll always be here and I’ll never leave.

And on the day that you come back, I’ll be in front of the door with my arms wide open. I’ll hug and kiss you and tell you, “Welcome back, bhie bhie ko.”

Yet Another Quote 5

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Only a shallow person judges people around him. And only a shallow person describes others with what their eyes can see.

Life is very simple. It gets complicated on how you handle it.

Life is an abstract art. It has different interpretations and meanings. The more you understand it, the more you could appreciate its beauty.

Yet Another Quote 4

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Set your goals and Pursue your dream. Don’t let other persuade you of what is idealistic. For not everything they say that is best is applicable to everyone. It is only you who can say what is best and right for yourself. Things that they say good may not be right for you.

Most of the time, people just don’t have the guts to follow what they want or stand for their dreams. Sometimes, being defiant is not bad afterall.

Good Morning Monday

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Another new monday morning and it is raining outside. And because of that, i am late to office. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s the start of the working days and time to get busy with your job.

Hope to accomplish much for this week.

Good luck to everyone ๐Ÿ™‚