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Three Years of Work

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I have been working for three years now. I started working immediately two weeks after graduating college.

My first job is in a small company in West Avenue, Quezon City. It was owned by two Chinese brothers.

My boss was very strict in deadlines and keen for details. The five months I’ve spent there taught me alot in working ethics and introduced me in this job called web development.

My boss there was very kind and thoughtful of his employees. He kept on telling us, “Don’t try to work when you are not feeling well. You’ll only be wasting your time trying work when you are not that productive. Forget work and take a rest.” He even provided a folding bed and foam in the office where we could take a nap whenever we are already having headaches or when we can’t really focus at our tasks.

And so, he have earned my respect and I admired him for that.

My two and half years was spent in a medium-sized company somewhere in Shaw. I started as a data encoder and later on was assigned as a web developer. Even though the company itself didn’t directly trained us about web development, I learned my skills through my colleagues and most, through my frequent researches and study via Internet surfing. Thanks to Google, he has been my best buddy for all these years.

I chose not to write about my experience about my previous company. 😛

I feel like the two years of my life is just equivalent to six months of actual web development experience. You just need to stick to the task laid upon you and nothing else.

And so, I learned to push myself towards the edges to keep on learning for I know in myself, there are still million of things that I don’t know.

I explore. I research. I Google things up.

Every knowledge that I have now is the product of my persistent study.

I thank the people who patiently guided me and never get tired of sharing their knowledge to me.

Now, I am a freelancer.

A new chapter in my career has started to be written.

In this new adventure, I wish to find success.

It has been hard and it will always be no matter what.

I know from the very start, everything will never be as easy as ABC.


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