Dev Pick Up Lines Part 1

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R: loop statement ka ba?
J: hindi, bakit?
R: kasi paulit ulit ka

J: if-else condition ka ba?
R: hindi, bakit?
J: kasi ang dami mong pasikotsikot

R: home page ka ba?
J: hindi, bakit?
R: kasi ikaw ang una sa puso ko

J: 404 ka ba?
R: hindi, bakit?
J: kasi pag kailangan kita lagi kang wala

R: bug ka ba?
J: hindi, bakit?
R: makita pa lang kita, sira na araw ko

J: firewall ka ba?
R: hindi, bakit?
J: lagi ka kasing kontra

R: tester ka ba?
J: hindi, bakit?
R: kasi hindi na ako tumama sa yo

J: binary code ka ba?
R: hindi, bakit?
J: kasi unang salita mo pa lang di ko na maintindihan

R: firebug ka ba?
J: hindi, bakit?
R: kasi pinapadali mo ang buhay ko

J: stackoverflow ka ba?
R: hindi, bakit?
J: kasi lagi kang may sagot sa mga problema ko

R: ie ka ba?
J: hindi, bakit?
R: kasi pinapakumplikado mo ang buhay ko.

J: html validator ka ba?
R: hindi, bakit?
J: masyado kang perfectionist

R: microsoft ka ba?
J: hindi, bakit?
R: kasi lagi kang late gumawa

J: error console ka ba?
R: hindi, bakit?
J: lagi na lang kasing mali ang nakikita mo

R: ie6 ka ba?
J: hindi, bakit?
R: kasi ang hirap mong pakibagayan

R: Romeo

J: Jhoy


Signs that you are an Internet Addict

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You are an Internet Addict if the following is part of you’re daily routine:

  1. Check all your emails from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and other email service provider.
  2. Check all your social networking sites such as Friendster, Facebook, Myspace, Hi-5, etc.
  3. When you spend hours of time reading each and every feeds from your RSS-reader like thunderbird and Google Reader.
  4. When you tend to your pets in Pet Society, RockYou Pets and other pet applications
  5. Diligently spend time leveling up your characters in all your online games
  6. Blog not just daily but more the once a day to share how great your newly bought item is
  7. You update your Twitter, Plurk, and Facebook Status almost every hour
  8. You surf for the latest gadgets, technology, buzz, news every now and then
  9. You know where is the best site to look for gadgets and stuffs
  10. You have an account in almost all email service provider, social networking and microbloggin sites, signed up in almost all online games
  11. You have installed multiple-account Instant Messenger like Pidgin and Trillian so you could chat every one in your list
  12. And the worst, You’re world crashes down when there is no internet connection

These are just a part of lists and as I write this blog, the lists are piling up in my head.

Oh my, I am so guilty.

If you are an Internet Addict or know someone who is, share in your thoughts and the symptoms you or they have.

Don’t be afraid, you are not alone. 😀

Firefox 3 Download Day Certificate

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Last June 17 of this year,  Firefox attempted to get into Guiness Book of Records by being the “Most Downloaded Software in 24 hours”. The event gathered more than 9 million download count. That was a huge number.

Firefox Download Day Certificate

Participated in the event? Grab your certificate here: Flaunt it

Net Connection Sucks

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so angry

My temper is beyond the boiling point right now. Our net connection is so slow and it is killing every inch of me.

I am updating the css design of a live site with a 7kb size of style sheet and it took me 2 hours doing it. For the record, I am still stuck with the task.

Oh my! I am so mad!!! 😡


Scared car