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In case you didn’t know, I previously deleted my friendster (fs) account and created a new one a month after.

I have a blog in my old fs account and I want to continue it now but that wouldn’t be possible. I already have sent a ticket to the fs admin to claim that blog back. It seems that it would take forever because I haven’t received any human response(you’ll get auto-generated reply when you email them) from them up until now.

And now, I decided to just transfer my fs archive here.

Gotta start transferring post now. Hope it won’t take that long.



WordPress in Friendster

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I stopped blogging in Friendster since March 2008 but i was surprised to received a comment in one of my post there. When i checked it out, i was surprise to see that wordpress is now integrated in friendster.

hmm, smart move!

oh well, but i am now settled with my active blog sites.

i read through my archives in my friendster blog. it’s fun to re-think my thoughts way back then. 🙂

Multiply No Longer Free, Welcome Premium Users

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Just read a sad news this morning for fellow multiply users. The “goodbye to upload limits” policy has bid its farewell in the last week of June.

Multiply Premium Account

Multiply has introduced its premium membership account last June 25, 2008 due to the millions of photo and video uploads they get everyday. They will be charging $19.95 per year for your “file storage” use.

Here is the comparison of the two accounts from their own blog:

album-sized photos
& on-site (Flash) video
“Zoomed-in” photos
& original video files
AutoUploaded Content
that hasn’t been shared*
Free users stored forever stored for 30 days stored for 30 days
Premium users stored forever stored forever stored forever

If you have a free account, Multiply will now only be storing your original sized photos and videos for 30 days and remove them afterwards. But don’t worry, the album sized images will still be kept.

The new policy and membership account gathered different views and reactions. Some liked it, some whined and complained and some doesn’t care.

As for me, i had been a multiply user for almost 3 years now and i could say that their site really rocks. I love the unlimited storage space they offer and how manageable my profile can be. The network contacts works perfectly great as well as the Groups feature. And above all else, it’s free.

But that was before. Now, my free account has been ripped off with its storage freedom. My original-sized photos only have 19 days left before they get removed by the system.

I can still live with the resized photos the site would leave me. It is just sad to say goodbye to the good old days of unlimited storage.

After the errorneous system of Friendster and the Premium Account of Multiply, which other networking site will follow?

Further reading : A word on storage and Multiply Premium

Migrating to Multiply

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I already have a multiply account for years now but it is only lately that i much appreciate its worth. I had said to myself before that is better that friendster and I proven that to myself already.

Multiply is easy to manage and very straighforward. It follows the WYSIWYG standard of formatting and editing that is why you can play with your page’s design and content.

Previously, I only use multiply as my online album. And now, I am starting to migrate my stuffs from Friendster to multiply. And now, i just added personal touch to my multiply page. I grabbed a multiply theme and used it in my site.

Here is how it looks like before:

“jhoy imperial and the web” to “Ako si jhoy”

And now:

“papel at keyboard at gunita”

I think I am going to settle down with multiply as my social network account. 🙂