Trolling #FacebookDown Twitter Hashtag

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While Facebook is down, netizens flock to Twitter.

Here are some of the tweets I find funny.


Couple’s Facebook Cover ;)

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Warning: Cheesy images 😀

Sweet facebook cover photos for our 75th monthsary 😀

Inspired by those for-couple-stuffs 😉

Restaurant City is Closing Down: Goodbye Cooks

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On June 29, 2012, EA will retire Restaurant City and Restaurant City: Gourmet Edition, which means both games will no longer be available for play.


Sigh! No more ingredients to collect. No more recipes to level up.

We will miss you Restaurant City.

I’m gonna miss my restaurant. *sniff*

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“Closing Down” Facebook Application: A Spam or Something?

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In case you receive a facebook notification stating that someone has just reported your profile as it is in violation of Terms and Condition, better think twice before you accept that application.

Closing Down Facebook Application

I just received 2 closing down notifications and when i accepted it, poof! The same notification message was sent to most of my network friends received it. Some even got mad at me.

I am innocent.

I didn’t reported anyone about anything.

Facebook should do something about that application before everyone get into chaos.

My Fashion Wars Stats

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Here is my fashion wars stats.

I am really into it now. 🙂




My Cars


My Essentials


My Perks


My Properties

Addicted To Fashion Wars

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There is a simple game application in Facebook that I have been addicted to lately. “Fashion Wars”, as what its name denotes, is a battle for who is better in fashion. The more fabulous you are, the better.

The criteria of ranking depends on your popularity count. You could increase your popularity by attending events or battling with other fashionistas.

In order to have greater chance of earning more money in an event or winning a showdown, you must have the style and attitude. These two depend on the items you have: essentials, perks and vehicles.

In attending events, some gives rare items from celebrities and which have high style and attitude level.

Earning money is as simple as A-B-C. You could be $100,000 rich per hour. You can earn money from events and showdowns. But the may income generator are your acquired properties. So far the highest property income I get is from my Italian Villa with the amount of $70,000 per hour.

I really love the game. Giving me the chance to be glamorous and get my dream car, Audi R8! So great.

Later, I’ll post my fashion wars stats. 🙂