Things Dogs Teach Us

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I never thought I would own 2 beautiful and loving dogs. They are really great companions and they do taught me to be better in lots of things.

Pet Lover? hmmm

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Honestly, I am not a pet lover. I am cruel to them. As a kid, I do naughty things to them. I grew up in the province where we have a lot of pets, er, animals. Chickens, dogs, cats, pigs and animals are in the list.

I could say, it is like a farm only not that ideal one you found in the books and movies. It is just a small backyard place with lots of animals.

And because I am a playful kid, I oftentimes get bitten or pecked by our pets. Oh my, I have lots of scratches in the ankle because of our cats.

When I went here to the city, there are no farm animals. Only stray dogs, estranged cats and squirrel rats (rats that are so big, most are almost the size of a cat).

Then I had a friend who loves animals so much. Her name is Yana, and she is pet lover. Everytime I go to their house, I could watch her have fun time with her dog Igay. She was having fun and she love him so much. Slowly, my heart is starting to open its door for animals.

Then, a common friend of ours had a dog name Cheeky. She is a pitbull. Big and fierce looking and of course I was scared. I have known them for being merciless. But then George convinced me that his dog is tame. That it was a show type, one that does not bite and is friendly. At first I did not believe him. But then, my brother and partner has been Cheeky’s friend and so in the end we became buddy. Here is Cheeky:

And then summer last year, my partner had a pet. It was a chick. It was clever, friendly and eat a lot. He loves pancit canton and hates worms. As a kid, I was told that chickens love worms. But they were wrong. Not all eat worms.

We named it ‘Sisiw Jr’. Ever since we had Sisiw, we had a fun time. He was so playful. And I love it. I’ll try to create a separate post for him and I’ll add some pictures.

And now, I could say I ‘like’ pets. And I have started to love them. Maybe in the future I’ll get one for me. I want a dog so I could cuddle it. And I love their loyalty to their owners.

Here is a good reading about cats and dogs. Big Paw Blog gives tips and information about dogs. When I got a dog, this site would be a good reference for me.

For now, I’ll just pet other’s pet. 😀