Christmas 2013: High and Low

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Usually, when “Ber” months start, I am already excited for Christmas. And when October comes, we have already set up our Christmas tree and have already decorated the house.

This year, it was different.

With the idea of moving houses again, i decided to wait for December first and see where we would be staying. I don’t like the idea of redecorating the Christmas tree, thus, we didn’t have one.

Over years, it was a sister-brother tradition to put up Christmas decors which is why it was important to us.

Having no holiday decors at all made me realize how ordinary the holiday season was. It’s as if there is no christmas at all. The holiday spirit was, gone.

Gift shopping tried to make Christmas sink into me. The crowded malls. The long queue in van terminals. The heavy traffic. The Christmas songs on the radio. The doubled number of street children that would mob you for five or ten pesos without saying thank you afterwards.

I pushed myself to prepare and be excited with it. I had my hair treated and my nails done. I did clothes shopping and bought new pairs of shoes to hoard. I went on an early Christmas date because my partner will be at the province for the holidays.

Still, it felt lacking.

Saturday before Christmas woke me up. It was my in-laws anniversary lunch and it was heart warming. To be in a party with homey feeling, it was great.

All these years, I’ve been celebrating Christmas alone with my brother. We have a big extended family but they prefer to celebrate New Year instead because the kids are in the provinces.

Christmas is for kids. I love seeing them happy during this yuletide season. I love the sparkle in their eyes when they receive gifts. That is why every year i see to it that i have gifts for my nephews and nieces. It has been a give back tradition for me to say thanks for the blessings i got for the whole year.

It was a blessed year all in all. The year had a very challenging start and continued until third quarter. I found some breathing time but was just enough to make me remember, “Hey, human! Breathe!”.

Maybe the biggest blessing was that “thing” that i’ve been working for so hard is almost done. I really hope i could have it already early next year. *fingers-crossed*

Other than that, I’m thankful for my brother and partner who never left my side no matter how hard life was and how moody i become sometimes. I am grateful for my beloved friends who always keep in touch even if I am always MIA. Cheers to the wonderful job that I enjoy and love. Thank you also to my colleagues who help me when i needed them or when i just need someone to talk to. To my two wonderful babies, Caspian and Sascha for making our everyday colorful.

To my ipod touch and desktop whom i spend most of my waking time with, may we enjoy more Holidays together.

I hope everyone will still try to look on the brighter side no matter how hard the year has been due to personal circumstances, nature’s fury and financial challenges.

I’ll try to enjoy today with the traditional MMFF movie watching with my brother. Battle gear on. Need to get ready to be squeezed by a crowd of ants, i mean movie goers.

Merry Christmas everyone! πŸ˜‰Β 



Dear Santa

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Dear Santa,

As early as October, i’m going to write you my wishlist already πŸ™‚

I think it is already late because i should have started last September so you can get yourself prepared.

The first on my list:

Instax Mini 90 NEO CLASSIC
Instax Mini 90 NEO CLASSIC

I’ve always wanted an instant camera. I remember when i was a kid, i adore any polaroid picture that i see. They look great for me. I imagine having a wall with polaroid pictures of my own adventures and memories. I love the thought of looking at the back of the photo to check the name, date or location of where that souvenir was taken.

PS. Santa, i think you should be ready. I think i’ll have a long list πŸ˜‰

2011 Simbang Gabi Day 2

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Simbang Gabi day 2: accomplished!

Then enjoyed Longsilog and Hot Choco at Jolibee after the mass πŸ˜€

2011 Simbang Gabi Day 1

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Puto Bungbong


Suman Kamoteng Kahoy

Day 1 of simbang gabi.

I am really hoping and wishing I could attend the mass for 9 nine days straight.


Work and Christmas

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Been a quite a while since I was able to share my thoughts.


… what am I thinking now?!

I was actually reading my blogspot blog and I was amused by my own writing. I am missing the old times where I could just sat down in front of my computer for five minutes and just write on how my day was. Even if I was busy, I could still blog about anything. But now, seems like my head is always blank.I’ve been busy lately with work. God blessed me with wonderful projects to work on. And in each task at hand, I was able to learn more and improve my skill. Some say that I am a workaholic freak but for me, it just seems normal. For me, working is not just working. You work just because you need the money.

Im not being a hypocrite. Everybody needs to earn a living.

But because of the needs and responsibilities, only a few are given the opportunity to land the job that they truly like. Most are pushed to grab the first job opportunity they got. They land the job that they dont like but has no choice but to work on it in order to survive. It’s like a robot programmed to do anything. I just dont know if it’s a good thing and I have nothing against itbut at least I hope it’s a decent job. Oh well, why am I talking about that.

Christmas is coming and many of us are working are ass off to have a merry one. Honestly, I still cant believe that Christmas is only two weeks away. I feel like months away from it. I remember the other night when the kids knocked on our door and sang “Sa may bahay ang aming bati”, the first thing that came up in my mindΒ was “Bakit? Pasko ba?!” but I ended up saying “Patawad”. Then last night I realized, “oh yeah… I got it. It’s Christmas time already”.

What was I thinking being Ms. Minchin to the kids. Sorry kids. 😦

Oh well, it is fast approaching and there is nothing I can do about it. We’ve been discussing on how me and my family would spend the holidays but there is no concrete plans yet.

I wish the day has longer hours so I could finish my recent projects then I could be lazy, sitting on the couch, drinking tea, waiting for Christmas to come. Waiting for Santa Claus to drop by our house and hand me a Macbook πŸ˜€

oh dreams! πŸ˜€

Merry Christmas

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Have a great holiday ^_^

Merry Christmas

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Christmas Wallpapers 2008

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Christmas is near and holiday wallpapers are growing in numbers. So, i surfed and picked cool desktop wallpapers that everyone can download.

Smashing Magazine December Wallpapers

This is my personal wallpaper:

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Wishlist 2008

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It is 30 days before Christmas and i am still in denial. I can’t believe that it is already Christmas season. It’s not that I don’t want to celebrate it. It’s just that I am not yet ready for it.

Christmas is the season of sharing and giving. It’s the time to forgive and forget. The holiday season where everybody should be happy.

Me and my brother would be celebrating the holidays together alone. This would be the second time that Mama is in Thailand.

I am really looking forward for the long holiday vacation next month. I have readied a lot of plans 😈 Hopefully we could stick to it.

And because this is the time where Santa Claus appears and grant the wishes of children. ehem! And so, here is my wish list for Christmas 2008:

To have:

  • Eleven Minutes By Paulo Coelho
  • Smartbro Wireless Prepaid
  • “II” – Boyz II Men original CD and their other albums
  • MacBook Air
  • PSP-3000
  • Kiyosaki’s Books especially “Why We Want You To Be Rich” coauthored by Donald Trump

To be able to:

  • Pass my Zend PHP 5 Certification
  • Go to Ocean Park Manila with my bro(no time hehe πŸ˜€ )
  • Get our Dec30 salary on Dec23
  • Finish our portfolio site
  • Play Cashflow 101 Board Game

I have others in mind but these are what I really wanted. Maybe I’ll make another list later. πŸ˜€

Holiday Spirit

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Ber months are coming and the spirit of Christmas will be felt worldwide. Local news says that Filipinos will have a sad Christmas but will that be true?

One sad reality nowadays is the high cost of living and the low income of employees. You work more than what is required and most of the time, more than your body could do and still the paycheck is not enough to feed you and your family. Rate of overqualified employees are found in low-salary jobs and still they are lucky enough to have a job while most are unemployed. Thus, the rate of poor and broke are getting higher in every minute now.

For me, money runs your life. You must earn something for a living. You need money to buy food, pay the rent and bills, and other stuffs. But still, having less shouldn’t mean that we should have a sad Christmas.

In today’s society, we already forgot the true meaning of it, Love, family and togetherness. It’s about giving and sharing your blessings to others. It’s having quality time with your loved ones.

Nowadays, you’re Christmas will only be Christmas when you have a lot of gifts and a lot of food for noche buenas. Many pity theirselves because they can’t have that glamorous Christmas that they dream of. And I feel sad for them. They have been blinded by the materialistic way of celebrating the holiday. GIfts and Noche Buenas are just a ‘part’ of the tradition. Thus, not having them doesn’t mean you’ll have a sad Christmas.


All i want to say is that, let us not forget the true spirit of it. To all, let us not teach our children that having a lots of gifts and pamasko is what Christmas is. Godparents should be the second parents who share proper values and guidance not the second financial source of children’s baon. Do not patch up the shortcomings with material goods. Being together should be the foundation of happiness for the season and not the things that will get out of it.

Christmas is sharing, giving and giving importance to blessings that we had in our lives. Happy Holidays. πŸ™‚