GoodReads Account

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Just signed up for an account at I finally decided the join a social site for my reading hobby.

Sadly, I cannot add books. The “Add Books” page of goodreads is unavailable. - Add books page


Guess I have to check out


Just signed up at shelfari and librarything. I find the former better but we’ll see after some time. 🙂


It’s Easy to Pretend You are Studying

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Here is a very good illustration of it.

This is a very common scenario in every student who finds studying or a subject or a lesson boring. Another thing that adds to this boredom is when your professor is a lifeless human being standing in front of the class. Reading out aloud or discussing in a very solemn rhythm at the rate of 60 words per hour or 1 word per minute. Man, it is tough being trapped in this class. *sigh.