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Trolling #FacebookDown Twitter Hashtag

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While Facebook is down, netizens flock to Twitter.

Here are some of the tweets I find funny.

Restaurant City is Closing Down: Goodbye Cooks

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On June 29, 2012, EA will retire Restaurant City and Restaurant City: Gourmet Edition, which means both games will no longer be available for play.


Sigh! No more ingredients to collect. No more recipes to level up.

We will miss you Restaurant City.

I’m gonna miss my restaurant. *sniff*

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10 Years ago (Reposting)

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10 Years ago we had

Steve Jobs,

Bob Home

And Johnny Cash.

Now we have

No Jobs

No Home,

And No Cash

Just reposting this image that is circulating in facebook.

Lurker Trip

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I haven’t been active in Multiply for a long time now and rarely visited my account. I decided to pay it a visit and check out the latest about my friends in Multiply.

I was amazed to see 50+ new replies in my posts. Checked it out and to my surprise it was a single person posting the same message for every post that I made.

Lurker Trip

Don’t know what kind of creature it is but I’m impressed with its diligence in commenting.

I checked out his page and I was not surprise to find out that the creature’s account doesn’t exist anymore.


And because of this incident I will be closing my multiply account from public.

“Closing Down” Facebook Application: A Spam or Something?

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In case you receive a facebook notification stating that someone has just reported your profile as it is in violation of Terms and Condition, better think twice before you accept that application.

Closing Down Facebook Application

I just received 2 closing down notifications and when i accepted it, poof! The same notification message was sent to most of my network friends received it. Some even got mad at me.

I am innocent.

I didn’t reported anyone about anything.

Facebook should do something about that application before everyone get into chaos.

Addicted To Fashion Wars

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There is a simple game application in Facebook that I have been addicted to lately. “Fashion Wars”, as what its name denotes, is a battle for who is better in fashion. The more fabulous you are, the better.

The criteria of ranking depends on your popularity count. You could increase your popularity by attending events or battling with other fashionistas.

In order to have greater chance of earning more money in an event or winning a showdown, you must have the style and attitude. These two depend on the items you have: essentials, perks and vehicles.

In attending events, some gives rare items from celebrities and which have high style and attitude level.

Earning money is as simple as A-B-C. You could be $100,000 rich per hour. You can earn money from events and showdowns. But the may income generator are your acquired properties. So far the highest property income I get is from my Italian Villa with the amount of $70,000 per hour.

I really love the game. Giving me the chance to be glamorous and get my dream car, Audi R8! So great.

Later, I’ll post my fashion wars stats. 🙂

GoodReads Account

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Just signed up for an account at I finally decided the join a social site for my reading hobby.

Sadly, I cannot add books. The “Add Books” page of goodreads is unavailable. - Add books page


Guess I have to check out


Just signed up at shelfari and librarything. I find the former better but we’ll see after some time. 🙂

Finally, I have a FriendFeed

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Just signed up for a FriendFeed account. I find it interesting and cool. I could have all of my feeds in single account including my status update via Facebook.

FriendFeed - Jhoy Imperial

Check out my FriendFeed page.

Multiply No Longer Free, Welcome Premium Users

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Just read a sad news this morning for fellow multiply users. The “goodbye to upload limits” policy has bid its farewell in the last week of June.

Multiply Premium Account

Multiply has introduced its premium membership account last June 25, 2008 due to the millions of photo and video uploads they get everyday. They will be charging $19.95 per year for your “file storage” use.

Here is the comparison of the two accounts from their own blog:

album-sized photos
& on-site (Flash) video
“Zoomed-in” photos
& original video files
AutoUploaded Content
that hasn’t been shared*
Free users stored forever stored for 30 days stored for 30 days
Premium users stored forever stored forever stored forever

If you have a free account, Multiply will now only be storing your original sized photos and videos for 30 days and remove them afterwards. But don’t worry, the album sized images will still be kept.

The new policy and membership account gathered different views and reactions. Some liked it, some whined and complained and some doesn’t care.

As for me, i had been a multiply user for almost 3 years now and i could say that their site really rocks. I love the unlimited storage space they offer and how manageable my profile can be. The network contacts works perfectly great as well as the Groups feature. And above all else, it’s free.

But that was before. Now, my free account has been ripped off with its storage freedom. My original-sized photos only have 19 days left before they get removed by the system.

I can still live with the resized photos the site would leave me. It is just sad to say goodbye to the good old days of unlimited storage.

After the errorneous system of Friendster and the Premium Account of Multiply, which other networking site will follow?

Further reading : A word on storage and Multiply Premium