Love and Trust

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I was only going to post a random quote on my facebook status but then, these just came up my head.

* * *

You give your heart to someone hoping that that person will take good care of it.

No matter how well you know that person, he will still have secrets of his own. You cannot see a person’s sides all at the same time. Even in the perception of our eyesight, there will always be a blind spot.

You will just blindly trust him not crush your heart. Even if you said that you will save some love to yourself, you are already giving him everything. You cannot hand someone half of something cause it won’t work.

You give your all with eyes close, taking a frightening step at a time. That is why when you fall, you fall hard and it hurts so bad.

The trust you had given him is now broken.

And there is no turning back.

It’s either you let go or move forward and ignore the hurt.

Sometimes it is better to hold on when there is a persistence to correct the mistake.

But sometimes, letting go is better because in the very first place, why would you hurt that person you love?

Don’t do something stupid that would make you lose that very precious someone in your life.

Trust is not something everyone deserves to have or something that you just hand over to anybody.

It is earned and should be cherished once someone gives it to you.

* * *

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