Month: February 2013

Travel Philippines Challenge

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This year i plan to travel to as many places as possible. Time and budget are the major challenges for me so it’s been hard to plan especially when you have no idea where you are heading.

Luckily i bumped into Lakbayan which is a helpful lists of places in the country.

Hopefully i could explore more places this year.


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2013 Senatoriables That Will Have my Vote

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The 2013 election campaign officially started last February 12, 2013. It’s time to choose and decide which senatoriables to vote. I’m not  into politics but I know my right to vote.

The people has the power to appoint who should take those coveted seats in the Government.

Let’s exercise our RIGHT TO VOTE.

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Happy Anniversary to my blog: 5 Years and still blogging

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Wow! It’s been 5 years since I started blabbering my thoughts on cyberspace.

5 years

and my first post was… *drumrolls*



I was hoping it would be “Hello, world!” 😀

The Morning Rush Top 10 Book 2 Book Launch and Signing

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After 7 hours of waiting and lining up, we were able to had our book signed! Some were already in Robinson even before the mall opened.

The event ended great for me but the waiting… argh! that really sucked. The queue for registration was really a mess. We were part of the “Right Side” who thought we were the next ones to register, but no, the form were handed next to the “Left Side”. After few hours, people in our side started to complain. Most of us were there lunch time so the hunger and sore feet started to contribute to our frustrations. We started to argue with the mall security guards why the queue of registration went that way. Even if I can’t accept what they said that they came first, the argument helped vent out the anger and vexation.

After 6 hours, we are inside “The Zone”. The comfort of sitting is just wow! I’ve never appreciated a chair like yesterday. Me and my friends were sleepless because of our graveyard shift schedule. And one of us was up for 34 hours straight! She was already seeing black flashes thankfully she didn’t faint.

And the much awaited moment came. We were on the stage! wooot!

Last year, I went home early and wasn’t able to had my Book 1 signed. The crowd was unbelievable and the line was impossible .

But yesterday, it was a dream come true! 🙂

photo by @CherryTheGreat
photo by @CherryTheGreat
photo by @CherryTheGreat
photo by @CherryTheGreat

The Morning Rush Books

The Morning Rush Book 1

The Morning Rush Book 2

The day ended and thankfully I was able to buy cake for my mom 🙂 It was a really a long day.