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When I Learned How to Write

While we are happy
Some are dying in grief
As our laughters are heard
Their tears are flowing
As the crowd fills in the party
Somebody is trapped in the corner
Name unknown, face unfamiliar
Just like a piece of paper
So plain and normal
Nobody pays attention
Nobody turns to listen
His lips are sealed in that corner
His heart is tearing apart
But still he tries to smile
To hide away his heart
That’s so broken deep inside

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jhoy imperial and the web

hello room, why are you sad?
your users are empty
but your history is long

we are just here, lurking around
looking at you, reading your words
checking whose been in and out

you’ll be fine, don’t worry
when we are not busy
we’ll drop by to say hi

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Papel at Keyboard at Gunita: Maldita Quotes

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Original Post: “Maldita Quotes” Nov 17, ’08 9:49 AM

— start repost —

I was doing some unwinding this morning but the aura that was released from me was not good. I feel so angry and frustrated but the feeling was soooooooo great. har har har 😈 so evil!

Haven’t released some angst lately.

Here are some maldita quotes that lurked in my head.

  • If there is someone who is not worth it to be here, it would be you.
  • At least, I am not chosen because there is no any other options to choose from.
  • If I were you, I’ll keep my feet on the ground. You don’t have anything to brag about.
  • If you can’t do it then say no. Once you have accepted it, don’t whine.
  • Don’t claim you’re innocent. You’re dirtier than what you utter other people are.
  • No man is an island. But no man needs a b**ch like you.
  • Oh, you were saying something?! I thought it was “Blah, blah, blah, zip!”
  • Oh, sorry. Were I talking to you?
  • Your conscience took a leave and I was the substitute.
  • Like what they say, loud people have empty brains.

wihihi i feel like doing a part two of this post. 😛

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“Papel at Keyboard at Gunita”: Reposting from my Multiply

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Since Multiply is no longer a blogging site, I will start to repost my Multiply journal entries to this site.

I am really enjoying reading what I’ve wrote there 😀

My Multiply: “Papel at Keyboard at Gunita

Em-“BER”-race yourself! Ber months are here!

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♫ Wake me up when September ends ♫

As always, time flies swiftly and it is September already.

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Christmas is just around the corner and the children will start singing “jimgembels” song on the street.

“Ber months” is the season when us Pinoy double our efforts at work to save money for gifts and a fiesta buffet for Noche Buena. For the others, to work overtime and save their sick leaves so they can be with their families.

As for me, this year’s holiday would be the most special one. Why? I can’t reveal now but I will surely share later.

♫ come holy faithful, joyful and triumphant, Oh come ye, oh come ye to Bethlehem ♫