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baguio yo yo yo 😀

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It was the Labor Day Holiday and our company is to have an outing in Bolinao, Pangasinan.

I told you last week that I have resigned from the company and so “the management” has decided not to let me come. As what the HR said, they would be conducting a team-building and having me there is not a good idea. Crap! Another lame excuse. I wonder why.

And so, Friday, an impromptu plan popped in my head. I want to go to Baguio.

I told Romeo about my “brilliant” plan. He gave me that are-you-serious look and I insisted I’m for real. He contacted his siblings and agreed.

And that’s how we had an instant Baguio trip.

I tried to google for info’s about Baguio vacation, how much should be the budget and where to stay. No luck. Bahala na!

We packed and headed to Victory Liner. It was already…

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