Month: April 2012

The Little Bro Is No Longer Little

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Time surely flies and four years maybe short but it felt like it was ages ago.

See how gigantic he is now? and now i have my eyebrows! hahaha

Happy Graduation kapatid! 🙂 tsup!

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baguio yo yo yo 😀

jhoy imperial and the web

It was the Labor Day Holiday and our company is to have an outing in Bolinao, Pangasinan.

I told you last week that I have resigned from the company and so “the management” has decided not to let me come. As what the HR said, they would be conducting a team-building and having me there is not a good idea. Crap! Another lame excuse. I wonder why.

And so, Friday, an impromptu plan popped in my head. I want to go to Baguio.

I told Romeo about my “brilliant” plan. He gave me that are-you-serious look and I insisted I’m for real. He contacted his siblings and agreed.

And that’s how we had an instant Baguio trip.

I tried to google for info’s about Baguio vacation, how much should be the budget and where to stay. No luck. Bahala na!

We packed and headed to Victory Liner. It was already…

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The Top Ten in Gubster

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It’s been months since the legendary BlueRitz is away for his much awaited break so the Chico and Delamar’s Top 10 is on hiatus.

If you are not able to listen live and is craving for your daily fix of top ten, please visit The site is managed and organized by @mrgubster. The recordings are contributed by our dedicated and hardworking fellow rushers. They are the ones who makes it possible to us to listen and download the top10 via podcasts in iTunes while BlueRitz is away.

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No.1 spot, oh yeah! 🙂

The Morning Rush Top 10: Delle-level Jokes

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This is so hilarious 😀

By ChicoDelamar & Ginoboi

Me and my brother were really ROFL’ng while listening to the show.

I fell asleep with my earphones on around 5am and was awaken by the trio’s laughter around 7am. I barely had 2 hours of sleep and it was worth waking up early with that big smile on my face. These are the rare days that I am able to listen live.

Delle-level jokes meant corny jokes and the term was associated with Delle because she pops corny jokes most of the time. peace! 😀

Sharing my entries via Twitter. Believe me, it was hard to come up with one. Some of these are old jokes already but are still funny.

Happy hump day!

*now tuned in to riot Monster RX 93.1

In scientific approach to life

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In scientific approach to life, we create numerous hypothesis, test it out through experience and come out with a conclusion. If the result didn’t satisfy our expections, keep a record of it so that if in the future we are heading down that path again, at least we have learned our lesson to never do the same mistake again.

The Morning Rush Summer Rap-Off 2012

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I really love this 🙂

By Chico, Delamar & Ginoboi

Can’t wait for more full-song rap offs in the future 😀 great job guys!

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Chico, Delamar & Gino’s The Morning Rush Top 10

401st Post

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Cool! can’t believe I have published 400 posts already 🙂

Dev Pick Up Lines Part 1

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R: loop statement ka ba?
J: hindi, bakit?
R: kasi paulit ulit ka

J: if-else condition ka ba?
R: hindi, bakit?
J: kasi ang dami mong pasikotsikot

R: home page ka ba?
J: hindi, bakit?
R: kasi ikaw ang una sa puso ko

J: 404 ka ba?
R: hindi, bakit?
J: kasi pag kailangan kita lagi kang wala

R: bug ka ba?
J: hindi, bakit?
R: makita pa lang kita, sira na araw ko

J: firewall ka ba?
R: hindi, bakit?
J: lagi ka kasing kontra

R: tester ka ba?
J: hindi, bakit?
R: kasi hindi na ako tumama sa yo

J: binary code ka ba?
R: hindi, bakit?
J: kasi unang salita mo pa lang di ko na maintindihan

R: firebug ka ba?
J: hindi, bakit?
R: kasi pinapadali mo ang buhay ko

J: stackoverflow ka ba?
R: hindi, bakit?
J: kasi lagi kang may sagot sa mga problema ko

R: ie ka ba?
J: hindi, bakit?
R: kasi pinapakumplikado mo ang buhay ko.

J: html validator ka ba?
R: hindi, bakit?
J: masyado kang perfectionist

R: microsoft ka ba?
J: hindi, bakit?
R: kasi lagi kang late gumawa

J: error console ka ba?
R: hindi, bakit?
J: lagi na lang kasing mali ang nakikita mo

R: ie6 ka ba?
J: hindi, bakit?
R: kasi ang hirap mong pakibagayan

R: Romeo

J: Jhoy