Month: January 2012

Strawbelicious Afternoon

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Yummy strawberries 😀

Taken using GE X500


Caspian’s First Mall Day

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Caspian gets overly excited everytime we ask him “labas?” or “lalabas tayo?“. You could see him wagging his tail like a kid jumping in joy. We always ask him the word everytime we will take him out for a walk. And when he sees his leash, he would run around the house then sit in front of you with that excited stare saying, “Give me my leash! Give me my leash! Why are you taking so long?! Put it on so we could go outside already.

So last Tuesday we decided to finally bring him to the mall. We left Sascha :[ because we know we need to focus all our reserve chakras for Caspian. He is already strong enough to drag you around.

Our normal 10-minute walk to the mall took 30 minutes to complete. We had a lot of stopover because Caspian would rest every 5 meters distance. He would literally sit or lay down and you won’t be able to force him to get up. He would just give you that look, “Can’t you see I’m resting?!“. We know that we need to give some rest so we took our time. We were worried that he would stop in the middle of pedestrian lane then we would cause traffic. Thankfully he didn’t.

Another hurdle in the way are the maya birds. Caspian would stop then would run after the birds dragging Romeo behind him. It was hard to stop him but we must give our strength because sometimes he would head towards the moving vehicles. It was quite scary.

I just love it when people would give way to us. hehe… Their startled faces are priceless when they realize they are walking beside our jumbo companion.

Finally, we arrived to the mall in our usual coffee shop spot. Caspian was panting after the long walk. He was able to finish a liter of water while resting.

He really hates the camera so it was hard to capture a photo of him. You should be able to master the art of sneaking if you want to take a picture of him.

I left Caspian and Romeo to do some errands and grocery shopping making sure that Caspian is not looking for he would surely follow me inside. Romeo said Caspian was really behaved. He would just sit, lay around and sniff around the table.

Caspian: Me want some

After an hour, we decided to go home. We were avoiding the shifting time of the K-9 units. We don’t want to cause any trouble with those German Shepherds. But I am really curious what would happen just in case the K-9 dogs saw Caspian. Will it be a riot? We know that Caspian long for new playmates but we are afraid he would start a dog fight for he is really a bully.

For Caspian, reaching the mall is like reaching the peak of the mountain, trekking back down is another story. When we arrived the gates of the compound, he was already dragging his body to walk. He was that tired. And we got home, he was panting really hard. We were worried he might get a stroke or something. He drank half a pail of water. Thankfully he was fine after an hour or two. He was back to his old playful self.

It was an awesome day and we know Caspian enjoyed his very long walk.

Next time it is Sascha’s turn. Hopefully she would also have a good time. 🙂

Refreshing Peppermint Mocha Frappucino

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Chillax’ing on a Saturday. Gotta get much rest as possible. The busy days start next week.

Hopefully, the good news would come next week. I’ll never lose hope. 😀




2012 Starbucks Spruce Planner

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Hooray! Done collecting Starbucks coffee stickers 😉 Redeemed my Spruce Starbucks Planner 🙂 weeeeeeee