2012: Another Year to Welcome

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Live free. Stay young at heart. And no matter how tough life would be, smile. 

2011 has been an another challenging year for both my personal life and career.

The hurdles has been harder than before but nevertheless, they were all worth the effort, blood and sweat.

I had laughs.

I had tears.

I was able to handle and develop awesome website projects.

I owned my very first dog Sascha. I am a proud owner of GE X500. Owned a second-hand Nissan Cefiro.

I realized that I wasn’t able to travel much this year though. My schedule has been really hectic.

There are a lots of material loses and dramas but it was fine. I know I needed them to grow.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of change. A brand new start.

There are already rough plans for the early quarter of next year. And each one’s output are critical as they are interrelated to each other. Hopefully, I would make the best and rightful choice in every decision I make.

May it be a better year for all of us.

Thanks God for a prosperous 2011 and may I be as strong and firm as ever.

Happy new year everyone and God bless to all 🙂

Enjoy  all the parties! cheers! 😀


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