Work and Christmas

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Been a quite a while since I was able to share my thoughts.


… what am I thinking now?!

I was actually reading my blogspot blog and I was amused by my own writing. I am missing the old times where I could just sat down in front of my computer for five minutes and just write on how my day was. Even if I was busy, I could still blog about anything. But now, seems like my head is always blank.I’ve been busy lately with work. God blessed me with wonderful projects to work on. And in each task at hand, I was able to learn more and improve my skill. Some say that I am a workaholic freak but for me, it just seems normal. For me, working is not just working. You work just because you need the money.

Im not being a hypocrite. Everybody needs to earn a living.

But because of the needs and responsibilities, only a few are given the opportunity to land the job that they truly like. Most are pushed to grab the first job opportunity they got. They land the job that they dont like but has no choice but to work on it in order to survive. It’s like a robot programmed to do anything. I just dont know if it’s a good thing and I have nothing against itbut at least I hope it’s a decent job. Oh well, why am I talking about that.

Christmas is coming and many of us are working are ass off to have a merry one. Honestly, I still cant believe that Christmas is only two weeks away. I feel like months away from it. I remember the other night when the kids knocked on our door and sang “Sa may bahay ang aming bati”, the first thing that came up in my mind was “Bakit? Pasko ba?!” but I ended up saying “Patawad”. Then last night I realized, “oh yeah… I got it. It’s Christmas time already”.

What was I thinking being Ms. Minchin to the kids. Sorry kids. 😦

Oh well, it is fast approaching and there is nothing I can do about it. We’ve been discussing on how me and my family would spend the holidays but there is no concrete plans yet.

I wish the day has longer hours so I could finish my recent projects then I could be lazy, sitting on the couch, drinking tea, waiting for Christmas to come. Waiting for Santa Claus to drop by our house and hand me a Macbook 😀

oh dreams! 😀


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