Month: October 2011

My Boss, My Teacher

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A great korean comedy movie.

It’s rare to find teachers who would change you to be a better person without moving a finger. There are those who teaches through their experience and how life truly exists in reality. They touches your heart and influence your mind without you knowing it. They believed in you when nobody else did and would listen to your heartaches when you have nowhere else to run.

I admire more those who doesn’t iron fists to discipline their students and shows more patience and understanding instead. And I bow my head to those who fight for their belief in living a life of good principles and are courageous of temptations even if the world around them is already corrupt and crumbling.

I am lucky enough to encouter great mentors whose teachings have made a great difference in how i lived my life.

I am grateful enough to have them in my life.

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10 Years ago (Reposting)

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10 Years ago we had

Steve Jobs,

Bob Home

And Johnny Cash.

Now we have

No Jobs

No Home,

And No Cash

Just reposting this image that is circulating in facebook.