Book: The Everything Labrador Retriever

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The Everything Labrador Retriever by Kim Campbell Thornton

A great buy from Books for Sale. It tackles everything about Labrador from what traits to look for when picking a lab to how to train various tricks to your lab.

The book also teaches you the common diseases any lab could have and some pointers in dog psychology and behavioral problems. I didn’t know that dogs could experience separation anxiety and depression.

I even learned the crucial difference between dry kennel food, frozen semi-moist and canned dog food. Even the label of dog foods tells you how nutritious the food should be. Protein is one of the most essential nutrition in a Labrador’s diet. The dog food must have a good amount of animal protein(Lamb, Chicken or Beef) and not just vegetable protein.

House training was well-discussed in the book and paper training was worth learning. Paper training is a must especially for those who have dogs but have a small house area and/or can’t walk their dogs outside to poop.

The book is easy and enjoyable to read. For a beginner lab owner like me, this surely is a must read.

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