New Peso Notes for My Bills Collection

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Commemorative 200 Philippine Peso for UST at 400
New 500 Philippine Peso Bill

I have a hobby of collecting money bills.

I am fond of collecting.

My bill collection would include commemorative bills, foreign money notes, bills with cool serial numbers, old and foreign coins and first bills I’ve had my hands on like my first salary and others.

Last April, I finally had one of the new philippine peso bill given to me by my boyfriend. It was withdrawn in an ATM in La Union. Here in Manila, you should have reservation for new bills or if you’re lucky enough to a bank teller friend, you could exchange your old money to new ones . Darn. Oh well, at least I have one 😀

The next batch of release would be around July this year, I think, just a hearsay. Hopefully, I could get at least one of each denominations. 🙂

Full Article: New Peso Notes for My Bills Collection


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