Month: March 2011

It’s a hard knock life …

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Since mid of January, it’s been a roller coaster ride for me. One moment I am happy, the other I’m sad.

It’s been stressful lately both at work and at home. I’ve been juggling a lot of problems in my hand that most of the times I am already confused with my priorities in life.

They came like a big ball of lego bricks put together then thrown to me. Just like pc worm that replicates itself and infect every other good energy in myself. I became drained and depressed that I feel like I’ve hurt the people around me who cares.

I tried to smile, think of happy thoughts but still, there came a day that I couldn’t think of any joyful things. My imagination run out. Like there is no point in trying to fight.

But there is a this little me inside who wants to survive this agony. Who wants to enjoy the beauty of life. Who wants to be that someone that has an endless happiness that she could share with everyone.

I feel happy whenever I could make other people smile even in the corniest jokes i could crack. It takes a strand of sadness away from my heart.

For now, I’m still standing. I try to sway with flow of life. No matter where the wind takes me, I’ll try my best to keep it together.

Quoting myself:

there are things that we wish we could have but sadly we can’t thus we try our best to succeed in other things so we could comfort ourselves, be fulfilled and say “on the brighter side…”

if life was meant to be easy, then there is no such thing as happiness and fulfillment even in the smallest steps of victory 🙂


Link Cleanup

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Cleaning up dead links in the blogroll.

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Beep Beep March

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Haven’t been writing for quite some time now. I’ve been too busy with work.

I got a lot of ideas on what to write just the other day and because I wasn’t able to write them down, surely i forgot all about them.

I need to write, gotta write. I need to make these rusty brain cells to work.

** Been so tired and sleepless lately.