Thanks Railey

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We brought Railey back to the pet shop where we purchased him. We have agreed to leave him there for medical treatment and also, so that they could observed his conditions as they are showing doubts about him.

At first, we agreed that when they are able to cure him, we would definitely get Railey back. But from lack of confidence in the way they speak and the way they look confused, we sure are doubtful about them. Especially when we insisted that they specify in the letter for receiving Railey that it would be their liability in case something bad happened to him like his sickness got worse or ,’knock on wood’, he died. As what was expected from them, it took half an hour before their OIC to decide. They have been like this for the whole time. Made us wait all the time.

She got a lot of alibis.

I need to call this.
I need to call that.
The main office still needs to deliberate about his case.
We can’t reach the breeder.
They haven’t sent their reply.


And so in the end, SHE finally decided to replace the dog because it was the protocol.  Grrrrrr.

It was a sad moment for us but we have to let go. We believe that they have the complete set of medicine for him and that they would make him better.

Personally, I am being selfish. I don’t  want to let him go. But if it is for the better of him. *Sigh* We  just have to.

The hopeful look of Railey as he waited for us maybe thinking that he would be going home with us.

It was a heartbreaking sound hearing him bark at us.

Don’t leave me hear!

We really hope he get well and that someday, we will see him again.

We had agreed to have a new dog but it will never be the same again.



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