Month: October 2010

Thanks Railey

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We brought Railey back to the pet shop where we purchased him. We have agreed to leave him there for medical treatment and also, so that they could observed his conditions as they are showing doubts about him.

At first, we agreed that when they are able to cure him, we would definitely get Railey back. But from lack of confidence in the way they speak and the way they look confused, we sure are doubtful about them. Especially when we insisted that they specify in the letter for receiving Railey that it would be their liability in case something bad happened to him like his sickness got worse or ,’knock on wood’, he died. As what was expected from them, it took half an hour before their OIC to decide. They have been like this for the whole time. Made us wait all the time.

She got a lot of alibis.

I need to call this.
I need to call that.
The main office still needs to deliberate about his case.
We can’t reach the breeder.
They haven’t sent their reply.


And so in the end, SHE finally decided to replace the dog because it was the protocol.  Grrrrrr.

It was a sad moment for us but we have to let go. We believe that they have the complete set of medicine for him and that they would make him better.

Personally, I am being selfish. I don’t  want to let him go. But if it is for the better of him. *Sigh* We  just have to.

The hopeful look of Railey as he waited for us maybe thinking that he would be going home with us.

It was a heartbreaking sound hearing him bark at us.

Don’t leave me hear!

We really hope he get well and that someday, we will see him again.

We had agreed to have a new dog but it will never be the same again.


Railey and Canine Distemper Virus

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October 6, 2010: Day 1

As a monthsary gift for our 55th months together, we finally decided to get a dog. We’ve always wanted one but our previous place is not suited for dogs. Plus, we are too busy at work that we almost spent 20 hours of lives outside our house. But now that we are telecommuting for work, taking care of one would not be that much problem for us.

And so, Wednesday, we went to Bioresearch at SM North to look for a puppy. Our criteria: first, medium in size when it became an adult dog so that the space wouldn’t be that big of a problem. Second, one that is tame enough not to tore our house down and third, a female dog.

We were choosing between a beagle(inspired by Hunter and Roxie) or a shih tzu besides that fact they are out of our budget, they look sad and sleepy and also, shih tzu is a furry dog and needs regular grooming. So we chose the yellow male labrador. The standards that we have made were all crossed out lol. From there we also bought the basic things that we would be needing in taking care of him like leash, collar, dog food, vitamins and a small cage. We haven’t thought of a name for him yet during that time.

Born on June 25, 2010.

We weren’t able to get the dog certificate up until now because there was a switch of papers and the correct certificate hasn’t arrived yet. The one written in the certificate was female lab named “Patrish of the Xed” and the one that we bought is the male one. Only the vaccination certificate was given to us. He just had the fourth of his 5-in-1 shot last October 2 and was due for his fifth shot this coming October 16 was already dewormed last July and August.

We went to UCC to get some coffee and there we thought of his name: Railey.

When we went home, he was timid at first and doesn’t want to be out of our sight nor an inch away from us. But as soon as we have toured him around the house, he was already frisky. And has started running to us and jumping on our feet whenever we take a step. He was sweet and always wanted to caressed in his head and neck. In his first dinner, he started to get excited and for the first time we heard his bark when he saw us putting his food on his bowl and teased him with his food.

It was kinda a long night, he didn’t sleep while we are working and just roamed around the house. He take in between naps beside are feet while we are busy working in front of our computer. It’s as if he had been with us for a long time already.

October 7, 2010: Day 2

We woke up late around lunch time and saw him in the sala peacefully sleeping. The moment he saw us, he stood up and started wagging his tail. We fed him his lunch then we went to SM to buy some supplies. And of course, we brought him along although he and Romeo just stayed at UCC. It is nice to have a day out with him.

Back at the house, he was more comfortable and started biting the sofa and other cloths around. He loves sniffing around the house, and if we stomp our foot, he joyfully run towards us immediately. He was full of joy and the house became lively.

He loves to roll and sleep beside our feet. He won’t sleep on the foam bed we made for him and he acts so uneasy when we tried to hide from him. Hehe…

He is so loved and everyone is happy. 🙂

October 8, 2010 Day 3

As usual, we woke up lunch time and prepared his food. This time he acted weak and sad. He also didn’t have any appetite for his food. He just stayed under our computer chair or anywhere near us and slept.

Around 1PM, the symptoms started.

After he pooped, he vomited what he had ate the night before. At first, our worry level was just low. We thought he just ate something that made him puked. But he continued to poop and vomit until late afternoon. He has gotten thinner than the first day we got him. We tried calling the vet that Bioreseach recommended but he didn’t answer his phone. To think that this is an emergency situation, just so unprofessional and unreliable. We decided to call Bioresearch. They advised us to observe him for 24 hours and just make him eat spoonful of sugar and some water. We later on learned that sugar solution is better than what they had suggested.

Still worried about Railey being weak and no appetite, we tried googling for the nearest pet clinic and found Animal Clinic in West Ave. It was an overwhelming place that shook me. In short, I am not comfortable with the clinic but I still had them treat Railey. The vet gave him shots for his dehydration and respiratory problem. I was really terrified and tearful when Railey cried in pain after being injected with the medicine. The owner is suggesting me to admit Railey although the speech felt like he is forcing me to let Railey be admitted and is trying to give me no other option, Romeo and talked and decided not to leave him because I am not really comfortable leaving him there. *I have other things to say about the clinic but this is not the right time.*

We went home with Railey. He was a little shaky and still weak but we were hoping he would be better.

We laid him in his bed and used an old cotton shirt as his bed sheet to keep him warm. A few minutes later, he kept on rising out of bed and sniffed around the house as if searching for something. He doesn’t want to drink nor touch his food. I am really really worried.

A few hours later, our gloomy world was enlightened, he tried to drink a spoonful of water. It was his first drink of water for that day and we were joyous. After trying his water, he went back to slumber beside us. Then later on, he started to eat a few amount at a time with nap in between. It was a long night for us.

October 9, 2010 Day 4

Brunch time when we woke up.

I hurried out to check on Railey immediately. He was awake, sitting on his chest with his cute puppy look as if smiling at me. 🙂

He was back to being playful, biting and playing with our ankles and feet. But we were very cautious not to stress him for he is still recovering.

Friday, we have already decided to ask for a second opinion about Railey’s case. So we ask for a recommended vet from a family friend doctor about the best and nearest vet in our place and he suggested Dr. Wenceslao Ortiz. After, his number was forwarded to us, immediately called him and set an appointment asap.

His clinic is in Bago Bantay which is very convenient to us. We brought Railey there.

The clinic’s atmosphere is way too far than the first pet clinic we went to. It is a sophisticated clinic for animals. I feel the comfort and security that Railey would be in good hands.

Dr. Ortiz checked Railey out and diagnosed him of viral infection and gastro internal disease. Railey was also underweight and is already dehydrated. The doctor suggested to have Railey admitted to give him IPV and fluid therapy. He will be staying overnight to do a lab test to check his real condition. Gastro internal disease is much better for it is easier to treat than a viral infection.

He was very careful with handling Railey. I am at ease leaving him there.

After a few more explanation from Dr. Ortiz, we checked Railey in his crate first then went home.

Relief. Secure. Worried. Missing Railey for the night.

I already got used to him lying under or beside my chair. Then I’ll just hang my hand down, he’ll lick it then Ill pat his head, then he will roll back on his back then go to sleep. *Sigh*

It was a long night waiting for the text or call about the lab result.

October 10, 1010 Day 5

Something new. We haven’t slept yet because we went to “10.10.10 Run for Pasig” which started at around 5:30am. We arrived back home around 10AM, in just the right time to answer Dr Ortiz’s call.

It was a sad news. The lab test showed that Railey is positive for “Canine Distemper Virus”, a viral disease of young dogs characterized by high fever and respiratory inflammation. He advised us to let Railey still be admitted for he is still weak and that his condition may got even worse. *Sigh* Thought he will be home by now. 😦

We visited Railey late in the afternoon. As soon as the door was opened, he stood up and wagged his tail and his body language showed he was to caress him. My heart melted in sadness *sniff* I petted his neck and sweetly laid down in my left hand as if he felt secure so secure. I am very thankful to the clinic because he was taken care of very well. He have his own clean crate. He was not as thin as he was last Friday. Grateful, really. The assistant told us he never cried during the night and just rested and sleep.

Things got more complicated for me now. We have already filed a complaint to Bioresearch the day before regarding the status of Railey stating that we have bought an infected dog. The result of the complain is due on wednesday which very unreliastic for us. They said that the complain papers will be brought to the main office Monday because there is no office schedule on Sundays and that the filed complaint will still be reviewed and blah blah blah. 😦

It was so hard to talk to the staff in the Bioresearch for the fact that they only relay the response of their OIC and that they couldn’t answer are inquiry. All their answers were just playing safe. Their latest response was, because we were already the owner, it is up to us if we would like to “pull out” (yep that was the term they said) Railey from the pet clinic to avoid further expenses. Too much business strategy. It stinks!

It is still a LIFE, darn!!!

As what genuine pet owners with genuine love for pets and not as something that gives them pots of money, NEVER BUY PETS FROM PET SHOPS.

So much for a first time dog owner.

Learned a lot about acquiring a dog in very very hard way.

Brighter side.

Here is Icy’s Distemper Survival story which is giving us high hopes that Railey will also be cured.

Organization: Save Dogs From Canine Distemper

Meet Railey

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The day has finally come. Meet our new household member Railey, a yellow Labrador Retriever. He is three and half months old, curious but quiet. This would be my first attempt to take care of a dog and I am so excited.

*paused for 15 minutes*

I take back what I said about being quiet. He is so playful. He wanders everywhere the house. He bites anything on his way.

I guess I got a lot to learn about dogs 🙂

*Now he is on my  lap, trying his best to munch my keyboard >.< *

It would be happier house from now on 🙂


When She Loved Me – Sarah Mclachlan

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When she loved me
Sarah mc lachlan

When somebody loved me, everything was beautiful
Every hour we spent together, lives within my heart
And when she was sad, I was there to dry her tears
And when she was happy, so was i, when she loved me.

Through the summer and the fall, we had each other, that was all
Just she and I together, like it was meant to be
And when she was lonely, I was there to comfort her
And I knew that she loved me.

So the years went by, I stayed the same
And she began to drift away, I was left alone
Still I waited for the day, when she’d say “i will always love you.”

Lonely and forgotten, never thought she’d look my way,
She smiled at me and held me, just like she used to do,
Like she loved me, when she loved me

When somebody loved me, everything was beautiful,
Every hour we spent together, lives within my heart
When she loved me.

Kitchen Adventures: Tuna Puttanesca

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Finally, I found a free day Saturday to cook 😀

Weeeee, I missed cooking.

We had meatsauce spaghetti at breakfast because it’s Ate Con’s birthday.

For dinner, finally got the chance to cook Tuna Puttanesca. I’ve been craving for it. I have only tried it twice from Cafe Izzo, out of curiosity and hunger I made one. he he he 😀

Although the noodles were already overcooked, the jury (Romeo and Bujie) said it tasted good hehehe … Surely they would after I gave them that evil look of mine >=D … hahahaha

Buon appetito!!!