Don’t let your life pass you by

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Don’t let your life pass you by
weep not for memories

There are memories that are so vague in your head. You barely remember what had happened, where you went, whom you are with. The pictures are blur but the feelings seems fresh. Your heart aches for something you can’t remember, longing for something unknown.

Time goes by.
Decades perhaps.

The good times you had with those people you love are all but memories you loved to reminisce. Photographs of happy moments together. Those smiles and laughters as well as the pain and tears lingers in your head. Sometimes you wish you could travel back in time to relive those moments to feel the happiness and sadness again. In some other chances, to be able to correct the mistakes that you’ve done.

Sometimes you contemplate, what could it have been if I have chosen the other path back there, down the crossroad? What could have happened? Where do I stand now? Will I be as strong as I am now? Will the journey be as spontaneous and memorable? And by destiny, will I be able to meet those people who played their parts in my life? Whom in their own little ways helped me grow.

Looking back makes you think, have I changed a lot? Did I learned the lessons that I should have learned? Did I became a lot wiser now?

It’s funny how you feel so much but you cannot say a word
You are screaming inside, but you can’t be heard

There are things that lurks in your head. Things that you wanted to say but you can’t. Maybe because of the circumstances or just maybe sometimes you are just to afraid to let it out. You don’t want to hurt anyone because you know the feeling of pain. You have felt how your hearts feels like it is being ripped off your chest. It pounds too shallow that sometimes it’s barely there and all that remained are the pain that just exploded inside of you.

There are words that are better left unspoken. There are words that needs to be expressed.

Sometimes you are too afraid to show how you feel. You choose to be mean to those people that you love. Although in your head, you’ve always wanted to hug and kiss them, show them kindness, compliment them, share them your stories about life. But in the spur of the moments, you always choose your bad side.

You oftentimes judge the people you love even if they haven’t done anything yet. You can’t moved on from the mistakes they have done. You can’t take another step further in forgetting those nightmares and start all over again. And most of the times, you feel like they are more of a stranger. You don’t know anything about them. You wanted to know more about them but your head hinders you. Your heart wants to but you don’t.

Just a step forward.
Just one little step.
An itsy bitsy baby step.

You wanted to do a lot of things.
You wish in your heart you could move forward.


You wanted to share a lot of it with that someone. You want to be able to remember them forever both the good things and the bad.

But you always choose the life without them.

I’m so afraid to love you, but more afraid to loose
Clinging to a past that doesn’t let me choose


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