codingcereal hacked

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just wanted to share this unwanted incident

for those familiar and all, my dev blog (wordpress cms) has been hacked this morning by “k i l o h  a  c k e r”. i have already contacted the support for my hosting and this is what she/he said that i hope could give warning to everyone

you will have to change password for the account and after that upload fresh and clean pages in your account
some possibilities for site hack are as follows
Client side PC gets infected with the virus from the search results.
Virus gets FTP username/password from the FTP clients.
Using the username/password, the virus then downloads the index files, adds the iframe code in it and re-uploads it to the web server.
for avoiding it please take care  of following things
Ensure that your code is free from such kind of vulnerabilities.
Change all the FTP passwords regularly and keep them safe and use a combination of alphabets + numbers + special characters.
Before updating the new password in their FTP clients, perform a full system Virus scan with a reliable virus scanner updated with the latest virus definition files.
you can use any good quality antivirus
bur before uploading scan all files also change password for the account and after that upload
you can always check raw access logs from cpanel
as well as check last login from cpanel
you can always check raw access logs from cpanel
as well as check last login from cpanel
you will have to re upload all files

i have currently deleted all db users in my database. as i have checked the wp_users for all of my databases, they have removed the “admin” user, changed all the user email and password which have all been taken cared of already.

before this event, for the past two weeks,
our internet have slowed down although the speedtest and ping shows a fast connection
when using google search both direct to the site and the search box in flock and firefox, captcha form kept displaying up to a point when we are no longer able to use google

in the past, i have experienced using avast alert messages warning me about unwanted email sending to a bulk list of unknown emails which later on i learned was a virus that installed itself to the local pc then like a parasite, took advantage of your internet connection to send spam emails.

i am planning to change my ftp client in the future and go back to avast, currently im using avg which has never detected even a single worm for the past few months that i have installed it in my desktop.  :-\

i am worried with the frequent hacking events lately


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