Poem: The Beginning

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I started to die long before I was ever born, sadness of truth
Emptiness of solitude, betrayal of love, hopeless future
A mannequin with a face, dull and still as it stood in a corner
A road of no goal, unspoken thoughts, lips sealed, voice unheard

No amount of words could ever summarize the life any person had
And I realized the value of every second that time passes by
Sometimes a genuine smile and a short “Hello” to a lonely person
Is far more worth than the decades of mocking words and faces

I started to paint my life with colors beside black just for a change
Red to paint the love bestowed to me by the people who truly cared
Blue for the loyal friends who stayed by my side in good and bad
Green for the serenity I am enjoying, white for all the wisdom
And yellow for the faith and hope that I will be forever holding

I started to live a happy life the moment I decided to take the wheel
I travelled along the path where there are road blocks and yields
Though the pit stops sometimes took longer than the usual
They were very worthwhile to take the rest and enjoy the break

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