Graphika Manila 2009 at Mall of Asia (MOA) Philippines

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Graphika Manila(GM) 2009 was an event to remember. We really enjoyed the conference and the speakers were really inspiring. It was my first and it was amazing.

Graphika Manila is a conference that featured some of the most creative minds in various disciplines of design. It aimed to inspire people as well as to gain tips and tricks about design. I love the sense of humor of the speakers and their works really inspired me.

Graphika Manila 09 Tickets

The coveted tickets of Graphika Manila 09


Springboard was the one behind the commercials of Tanduay Rum with 6 Cycle Mind and Jolibee’s Burger Yum themed ad with Parokya ni Edgar. They also directed and produced the music video of Urbandub’s “Frailty”.

Everywhere We Shoot

Everywhere We Shoot

Adobo Magazine

Angel Guerrero and Cynthia Dayco of Adobo Magazine. I really loved their talk and the images that they presented.

Ludovic Schorno of Brand New School

Ludovic Schorno of Brand New School. They have worked with Coca-cola commercials, MTV and Fuel TV.

Christian Alzmann of Industrial Light & Magic

Christian Alzmann of Industrial Light & Magic. Some of their work are Terminator, Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean. His works were really awesome. He even showed behind the scene sketches and how they animated the above films.

Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister. Internationally renowned graphic designer and typographer. His works are truly amazing.

Autograph by Ludo Schorno

Autograph by Ludo Schorno of Brand New School ^___^

During the question and answer portion, I literally went and in front to take pictures of the speaker. It wasn’t only me but everyone with their camera went in front. We comfortably sat on the carpet and almost filled the front area of the cinema.

After the Q&A, most of the guests swarmed the speakers for autograph. It took me awhile to gain some confidence and ask for one.

The funniest and I could say, the happiest part of the event was when Stefan Sagmeister asked everyone to stand up and sing along with him. The song really cracked everyone up because most of its lyrics was so true.

All in all, the event was a success. Really looking forward to the next year’s event. =)

The Graphika Manila 09 Participants

Our Graphika Manila 09 Group Pic =)

One thought on “Graphika Manila 2009 at Mall of Asia (MOA) Philippines

    Bel said:
    August 18, 2009 at 4:28 PM

    I agree, I have seen Stefan’s talk a couple of times and I’m glad he had this new “pakulo” at the end. Glad you enjoyed. See you at the next GM!

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