Must Stay Strong

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Exactly three months before my birthday, a bad news came. My grandpa passed away.

I was just diagnosed with a stomach disease, lost my client in the office, been sickly lately, inconsistent attendance and now, I lost someone I love.

He is my beloved grandpa. I lived in the province during my childhood days. He is very strict and grumpy but he can be funny sometimes. He is very warm and caring. Every sunday when he came home after church, he never forgets to buy something for me. They may never be fancy, just some bread or cookies will do. He is very thoughtful and generous. He welcomes us in his house with wide arms open.


And now he is gone. May he rest in peace with his loved ones who are also in heaven.

For the recent months, I have been dreaming of him. And now, I understand why.

My cousin said, he have been calling my name. Thinking about it makes me cry.

I won’t be able to come to work and do my tasks for a week. I don’t how we could survive in the first half of May. But it doesn’t matter. I just want to go home and mourn. I just to be there. In the place where I grew up and mold a part of myself. A place of sanctuary and lots of memories.

It has been hard for me these past few weeks but I must stay strong. I must keep the faith.

I should… and would… never give up.

God guide me through.

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