What A Week It Has Been

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It has been a very tough week for me. Day by day, things happen as if there were no tomorrow. At a moment I am happy and then I would be sad. Some days, I don’t have full time sleep.

I only made few working hours for the whole week because I was absent yesterday and got 3 undertimes for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I was having headaches lately. Must go and see an eye specialist.

I would be short in budget for the coming payday, that is for sure.

My client for a year decided to end up his contract with the office. Due to no web projects coming in, he is in Hawaii, he needs to remove some expenses. I was able to build 3 sites for him and the last one went live just this week too. A proud milestone for me but at the same time, a sad lost.

When there is a lost, there is gain.

God didn’t just took away things from me for no rightful reasons. He just wanted me to be strong and be able to step one foot forward. When I lost my client, it was as if I was awaken from a very, very long sleep.

The lost was an eye-opener.

I must not stuck myself into something that is no longer making me grow. For the recent months, I became so much stressed and bored. I can’t think properly and my logic is slowly degrading. My mind is already looking for new challenges. I am not saying that working with my client is boring. I learned a lot, really. And whenever there is a new task or problem handed to me, it excites me. My working environment is what I hindering me to grow. The melancholic athmosphere is keeping me down. Added to that is the ever slow internet connection that we are experiencing and the slow computer that I have. Really sucks especially when you deadlines ahead of you and can’t finish them on time. Most of the time I would fell asleep while I watch my files being uploaded.

Next month would mark my 3 years of IT experience. Yey! I can’t believe it has already been that long since I graduated college and entered the real world. No allowances. No school projects. No thesis. No assignments, quizzes and major exam. 3 years ago during this month, you could see me and my buddies cramming for our thesis. No sleeping. No going home. Awake for almost 24 hours. We are like walking zombies and as pale as vampires.

Tough times.

But they were over.

I graduated and welcomed the career life.

And now, I am here. Bored. No thrills. No excitement. Plain.

For the past few days, I started to try new things. Joomla was my first subject. Complicated at first. Going smooth as I familiarize myself.

Blessings came.

I would be teaching Joomla and WordPress. Great gig! Finally, there is something new happening in my life.

While I teach, I could do something that I love doing.


I have a blogging task. Fun. Adventurous. Something that suits my interests.

When you love what you are doing, time flies by.

I love God for he loves me so much. He makes me do the things I like doing. And with that, I promise to do my best in return.

This week has been tough.

But it has been one of my most blessed week.


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