The Trip To The Doctor

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Earlier, I went for a check-up. I was diagnosed with “Acid Peptic Disease”. My stomach produces gas and acid in above normal rate causing my stomach lining to be scarred. The doctor gave me a medicine much stronger from the previous one that he gave me. This med would help neutralize the so much acidity  and aid my stomach lining. As a backgrounder, this was my third trip to the doctor for stomach problem.

Even if I am acidic, my stomach cannot digest all the food that I eat. I was advised to frequently take small amount of food. Being a gluttonous person, this is kinda tough. I am known to eat tons of food in just a meal. Now, I have to divide my food intake.

I have a very bad eating habit. I only eat “heavy” breakfast and “heavy” dinner. I always skip lunch. My bad! As part of my medication, I need to eat small meal every three hours. This would help my stomach digest all the food that I take.

Of course, there are lots of food and drinks that I can’t have. Acidic, fatty, spicy and oily food are on the “Do Not Eat” list, including those with caffeine and chocolate. Yes, chocolate. The most wonderful food ever made… I can’t eat those. Now, I have to give all my reserved Cadbury chocolate to my little brother, sigh.

In the “Do not Drink” list are caffeinated drinks like tea, choco, cola and COFFEE! What would life be without coffee? *sniff*

It is hard to believe but I did not drink coffee for three months after my last trip to the doctor. I was advised to stop drinking coffee for a month until I got used to it for about three months. I just started drinking coffee again about two weeks ago and the result was quiet unpleasant. And now, I am ban from coffee for my two weeks medication. I have to seek for new remedies for sleepiness.

In case that I don’t get well, they will need to do Ultrasound then another sets of medications. After that, if it gets worse, they would check my stomach with a camera. It’s esophagogastroduodenoscopy or endoscopy for short. I joked around that they can’t do endoscopy on me because the camera would be melted inside my stomach. Cornball! hehe

I also inquired about Vaxigrip, an influenza vaccine given to us last February 6 of this year.

The doctor explained, there four types of influenza string. Yearly, there is an influenza outbreak. Noone knows which type would hit the country yearly. The vaccine given to us is only capable of protecting us from one certain type. That means if the vaccine given to us is for Type A and the one that is spreading is Type B, thus, we are still not safe. We could still acquire flu.

“Rumors” say that we are protected from flu but we are not. It is good to be vaccinated but it is not enough to protect us from flu.

And so, in end, I have no choice but to be serious with my health. NO coffee for two weeks, drink a lot of water and eat tons of food. I mean, “frequently” eat small amount of food. 😀

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