Words for The Men That Came to My Life

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This would be my first attempt to lay out my thoughts about the guys that came to my life. Just want to give closure for these trapped emotions inside me. Didn’t got the chance to close the relationships I had properly, so I am taking this chance. Some would be harsh, some would be revelations. I would be laying out all my cards.

To “MQ” :
Natatawa na lang ako sa sarili ko tuwing naalala ko ang sarili kong umiiyak sa phone na lasing at kausap ka. I tried to love you, but honestly, there was not a single string of love that I felt for you. I am sorry for telling you the truth. Napag-isip-isip, nagrerebelde lang me nung time na yun kaya naging tayo. Excited lang ako magkaboyfriend. Sorry.

To “JPV” :
Langya, lahat kami ng tropa ko na-fall sa’yo. Wahaha, natatawa na lang ako pag naalala ko nung tayo pa. I really fell for you even if 2 months lang ang relationship natin.

To “JASG” :
I am really puzzled about you. Bakit bigla kang nawala? nakidnap ka ba? Pero thank you for always telling to love myself first. Because of that, I have found my Mr. Right.

To my flings :
La lang… bongga lang ako… hahahaha 😀 peace!

To VMC :
Though it would be hard to believe this but for the eight years since we graduated, I never loved anybody else but you. I wondered through the years what happened to you. Where did you studied college and what course did you took. I never got tired thinking and loving you in the longest years of my life. I didn’t opened myself to any other guys until the end of the eighth year. I never quitted waiting for the time that I would meet you again. Like in romantic novels and movies, I fantasize about a fairy tale ending. In the tenth year, I saw you. I realized the feeling never changed. But I already found the guy that I loved more than you. I thank you for teaching me how to love patiently without asking anything in return. Because of that, I had loved my partner more than I had ever loved anyone else before.

To you guys, I thanked you for coming to my life. I learned how to be a better half for my partner. I learned how to change and how to trust.

I had found the man that I am not afraid to settle down with.


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