Got Vaccinated Today

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Our company required us to have an influenza vaccine.

Lately, there has been a number of absences because of flu and fever thus the office decided to have us all vaccinated. It was compulsory as what our HR said. It would be deducted to our salary. For casual employees it would deducted from their coming salary while as to regular employees like me, it is considered as a sick leave.

The event took place last Monday during lunch break. Some graveyard shifts came to get vaccinated. Me and some other employees didn’t took the vaccine. As for me, i don’t want to have it without Romeo who was absent that day. I shamelessly admit, I am very much afraid of the injection.

And so, the vaccination was delayed until today.

Me and Romeo went all by ourselves to the clinic. I was afraid. My hands are cold and I started to feel ill.

I hate needles. I could have anesthesia for tooth extraction but I am really afraid of being injected with syringe to any other part of my body. I really don’t like it.

And so, as we were sitting at the waiting area, Romeo didn’t stopped bullying me adding more fear in me. He was acting how hurting the process would be. Argh!

Then, we were called. I am having cold feet and was about to turn back. The fee was the only thing that bugs me to get vaccinated. P500.00 is a big amount!!! They said that the Influenza vaccine costs P700-P1000 for regular fee. We got a discount because we will be vaccinated in bulk.

“Blood Extraction Room”

We were called in that room. The room where they extract human blood. The room full of syringes and vials with blood. The room with hundreds of needles. The room of nightmare for me.

Hala, kukunan ka muna ng dugo,” Romeo said. My face is running out of color. I really feel sick. It was the longest 15 minutes of my life. huhu 😥

Romeo was the first one to be vaccinated. As usual, he acts as if it was so painful with a convincing teary eyes. He’s done and I was called forth.

Sandali lang ‘to. Masakit lang sa una. Masakit talaga yung pagpasok ng gamot. Pero sa una lang yun, ” said the nurse trying to calm me. I tried to relax myself. She said, it would hurt much more if my muscles are not relaxed and the needle point would be dislocated(?).

She cleansed my arm with alcohol. The cold cotton dumped on my skin add more tense in me. And then the nightmare came to life. She injected me the needle. It was painful and so my arm muscle contracted thus the needle point lose its place. She has to redo it again. Ouch! It hurts as the medicine was pushed through my veins. =(


But at last it was finished. The nightmare was over. Though my knees are still weak, at least it was over.

We were warned that for some time, our arms would be weakened and will be numb. Some may get fever for a couple of days just like one of my officemates. She said it was just normal.

When I got home, the only reaction I got so far is the ichy sensation all over my body. Hopefully, I won’t get a fever.

At last, it was finally over.



2 thoughts on “Got Vaccinated Today

    marian said:
    February 8, 2009 at 12:21 PM

    uu, mura na yung PhP500 vaccination! ang regular rate kasi is PhP1,000 – may nag offer kasi sa akin, 1 inject/mo. for 3 months, 1k per/inj. effective until 5 years… nakalibre nga insan ko kasi nagtatrabaho sya sa clinic, though 1 inject lang. 🙂

    jhOy imPeRiaL responded:
    February 8, 2009 at 3:57 PM

    kaya nga di me umatras kahit natatakot ako.. huhu

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