The Snow

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The night is dark. Nobody is around. I guess everyone is already sleeping.

I was walking along the narrow path heading to our house. It was quiet indeed.

When I reached our house, I felt the creep. I can’t explain why but the goosebumps were all over me.

I went inside and locked the door. I looked back and I am already at the second floor peeking through the window.

I can see the view in reddish sepia tone. So odd. The feeling was so sad. It’s not hurting but so gloomy. Very depressing.

Snow Falling

I saw hail falling. They were all over the pathwalk. My hand moved as if it has its own mind. I held it outside to feel the rain. I felt the rain drops. No, it’s not rain. It’s a snow. How come there is a snow here? This is the Philippines, it’s geologically inappropriate.

I was left confused. How come? Why?

No answers.

And so I opened my eyes.

I am awake.


2 thoughts on “The Snow

    Jhack said:
    February 5, 2009 at 12:36 PM

    Snow To see snow in your dreams, denotes that while you have no real misfortune, there will be the appearance of illness, and unsatisfactory enterprises. To find yourself in a snow storm, denotes sorrow and disappointment in failure to enjoy some long-expected pleasure. There always follows more or less discouragement after this dream. If you eat snow, you will fail to realize ideals. To see dirty snow, foretells that your pride will be humbled, and you will seek reconciliation with some person whom you held in haughty contempt. To see it melt, your fears will turn into joy. To see large, white snowflakes falling while looking through a window, foretells that you will have an angry interview with your sweetheart, and the estrangement will be aggravated by financial depression. To see snow-capped mountains in the distance, warns you that your longings and ambitions will bring no worthy advancement. To see the sun shining through landscapes of snow, foretells that you will conquer adverse fortune and possess yourself of power. For a young woman to dream of sleighing, she will find much opposition to her choice of a lover, and her conduct will cause her much ill-favor. To dream of snowballing, denotes that you will have to struggle with dishonorable issues, and if your judgment is not well grounded, you will suffer defeat. If snowbound or lost, there will be constant waves of ill luck breaking in upon you.


    jhOy imPeRiaL responded:
    February 5, 2009 at 12:44 PM

    @jhack, wow haba ah =) thanks thanks

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