The Missing Coin Purse

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It was six in the morning today, I was preparing my things before I go to work.

My bag was a mess so I decided to clean it up. I emptied my bag one by one. There are two side compartments in it and the inner part has a pocket dividing the main compartment into two. Wish you could imagine my description. After making sure my bag is empty, I started to put back my things.

When I was ready to go, I looked for my purse. I re-checked my bag. It wasn’t there. I can’t even remember that I took my purse out of my bag when I cleaned it. I kept on searching, but I can’t find it. I checked the tables and my pants for yesterday but no luck.

I am in the verge of crying. My knees felt weak. My remaining allowance for until tomorrow is in there. Romeo told me maybe I left it at my desk in the office. My world crumbled in front of me. I left my station clean leaving me the thought that I might have thrown it away with my trashes. Waaaaaaa ='( I can’t take it anymore.

Romeo calmed me down and told me that he will just lend me money for until tomorrow. I was calmed but never relieved. It was my lucky purse. My one and only favorite purse. The one with me since the school days and hard times in my life. Sigh. Gone.

And so we left and rode a taxi to work.

I am not in my elements to work. I am depressed. The melancholic blood is flowing through my veins. I am not in the mood today.

Out of nowhere my hand moved and my mind said: “check your bag”. My hand directly reached through the corner of my bag. My coin purse is there!!! Oh my, goosebumps were all over my body. I have emptied my bag earlier, it wasn’t there. And I have searched for it inside and no luck.

I am still left puzzled, how did that coin purse went in there??!!

I am so freaked out that I can’t move on up until now.

My, my, so creepy.

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