Marriage. Oh Well

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Posted at “Marriage. Oh Well” on December 29, 2007.

Another holiday would be over again soon and time seems so fast that i just remembered I’ve just celebrated new year’s eve a year ago. I kinda feeling old already at this age of mine. Or is it just too much thinking or am i over-accepting the reality that my age would get older this year and the coming years.

Most of my friends, common friends and friends of friends are already settling to what they call “the marriage life”. I often tease my better half to get married soon. If it can be today then be it! But we always end up joking and laughing at each other. We always talked about not rushing things up and to get stable in both our jobs and career.

What a sweet idea of getting married after six years. By then, we would be six years older than now and hopefully we have already succeeded in our own paths. I’m really happy to have a partner like him, so understanding and patient and loving … Better stop it there, for my topic might get a tremendous twist.

Oh well, back to marriage life, i am really frantic about the word. It’s like I’ll be trapped in the dungeon with all exits will be sealed and you will be locked forever. That’s why i admire those who have all the courage to take their vows. They always say that once you have found the right one for you then it would be a happy ever after. Hopefully everyone does, crossed-finger. And i wished that i would be with those who had a fairytale ending. I respect the sanctity of marriage that is why, if ever, i don’t want to get divorced or annulled. I still give importance to its value even if i do not look like one, hehe.

Well, thankfully, i could say i have found him and i am really looking forward to the future. After all, six years is just a short time.


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