Chillin’ Out at Starbucks

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We are currently hanging out at Starbucks Trinoma. Me, meo and little bro are spending our Sunday to enjoy. Later, we will go to church after hanging out.

The whole week have been boring and frustrating and there is no other thing we need but to relax.

Starbucks Moments

It is a really cool feeling to flaunt your laffy taffy at the middle of the crowd and look at their faces caught in awe.  hehe I am not that mean don’t worry.

Tomorrow would be a very special day for me. Besides Chinese New Year and Annular Solar eclipse, I would start my review for ZCE. I will be self-studying because the online review is expensive.

I will enjoy this day to the fullest because tomorrow, I will be heading to a tedious path of work and studies.

^_^ Good luck to me.


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