Realizations And Things to be Thankful for 2008

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1. Have faith when everything seems to turn their back on me
2. Have courage when everything seems to fall apart
3. Believe that there is hope
4. Never give up even if are already torn apart
5. Be Happy despite the troubles that hinders your way
6. Explore new places for the world is not small as it seems to be
7. I am not alone even if most of the time I feel so lonely
8. I am loved by people close to me
9. I am special in my own way
10. God loves me no matter what
11. I am free to live my life
12. I am alive
13. Though few, I have real friends and that I treasure those wonderful friendships
14. I missed a lot about life
15. I want to live
16. I care
17. I am somebody
18. Simple things makes me happier
19. I treasure the simplicity of life
20. I am strong



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