Confusing Thoughts

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Posted at “confusing thoughts” on October 13, 2006

This was my first post in my friendster blog.

heartaches makes us grow. though the pain is hard to bear, we learn lessons that allows not to commit the same mistake again in the future. but what if we never learned from the mistakes we have committed before and end up hurting someone we love? the consequences are unbearable, and triples up the pain we felt before. most of us ends up martyrs and should be sent to bagumbayan. we kept on loving someone who does not love us back and kept on hurting someone just always nearby and faithfully loved us. the world of love is so conflicting that most of the time we get confused if we are doing the right thing or not. we tend to chose what we want and not what is right. but what is more important between these two? how can we ever tell that we are heading the right direction? everyone has his own story when it comes to this aspect of life. some ends up chosing what they want and some chose what is right. is it selfish to choose what you want? or is it the conscience that makes you choose what is right? and we end up hurting someone again. maybe the one we love or our loved ones. heartaches makes us grow. how? they help us to be strong and stand again…. though sometimes we never learned.


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