Month: January 2009

GoodReads Account

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Just signed up for an account at I finally decided the join a social site for my reading hobby.

Sadly, I cannot add books. The “Add Books” page of goodreads is unavailable. - Add books page


Guess I have to check out


Just signed up at shelfari and librarything. I find the former better but we’ll see after some time. 🙂

Mathias Girls: The Identical Quadruplets

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Having quadruplets is very rare. Chances of having quadruplets in US with a population of 4 million is 1 out of 729,000 or about 6% of the population. It is a very risky birth because the mortality rate is high and that not all of the quads may survive.

To bear four identical quads is the rarest of them all. The probability is 1 out of 11,000,000. So when I learned about the identical mathias girls, I was really amazed. Take a look at them.

Mathias Girls
Emily, Grace, Anna and Mary Claire

The Mathias girls are born on February 16, 2000 and their parents are Allison and Steve Mathias from Lexington, South Carolina.

The quads became popular when they won $250,000.00 on America’s Funniest Home Videos. They already have guessed at Oprah and Jay Leno show. They were also featured in 3 episodes of a documentary show called “Super Quads” aired at Discovery Health Channel.

They are so cute and adorable. The girls will now turn 8 on February.

Mathias Girl’s Site


Finally, I have a FriendFeed

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Just signed up for a FriendFeed account. I find it interesting and cool. I could have all of my feeds in single account including my status update via Facebook.

FriendFeed - Jhoy Imperial

Check out my FriendFeed page.

The Missing Coin Purse

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It was six in the morning today, I was preparing my things before I go to work.

My bag was a mess so I decided to clean it up. I emptied my bag one by one. There are two side compartments in it and the inner part has a pocket dividing the main compartment into two. Wish you could imagine my description. After making sure my bag is empty, I started to put back my things.

When I was ready to go, I looked for my purse. I re-checked my bag. It wasn’t there. I can’t even remember that I took my purse out of my bag when I cleaned it. I kept on searching, but I can’t find it. I checked the tables and my pants for yesterday but no luck.

I am in the verge of crying. My knees felt weak. My remaining allowance for until tomorrow is in there. Romeo told me maybe I left it at my desk in the office. My world crumbled in front of me. I left my station clean leaving me the thought that I might have thrown it away with my trashes. Waaaaaaa ='( I can’t take it anymore.

Romeo calmed me down and told me that he will just lend me money for until tomorrow. I was calmed but never relieved. It was my lucky purse. My one and only favorite purse. The one with me since the school days and hard times in my life. Sigh. Gone.

And so we left and rode a taxi to work.

I am not in my elements to work. I am depressed. The melancholic blood is flowing through my veins. I am not in the mood today.

Out of nowhere my hand moved and my mind said: “check your bag”. My hand directly reached through the corner of my bag. My coin purse is there!!! Oh my, goosebumps were all over my body. I have emptied my bag earlier, it wasn’t there. And I have searched for it inside and no luck.

I am still left puzzled, how did that coin purse went in there??!!

I am so freaked out that I can’t move on up until now.

My, my, so creepy.

gloomy new year’s eve

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Posted at “gloomy new year’s eve” on December 29, 2007

gloomy new year’s eve is felt this midnight
the still silence the firecracker’s gave
though they seem loud, but not to everyone

everyone is happy for another year to come
everywhere all others rejoiced this evening
but some are quiet and others remained blue

you can see them mingling with all
but their eyes can’t hide the truth
that they’re thinking of their loved ones

just over the seas, across the distant mile
hoping to be home at this special night
gloomy new year’s eve is felt this midnight

Happy Birthday Yana 2009

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Happy Birthday

Happy birthday gurl! miss yah!

Birthday Cake

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Quotes that Inspires You

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It was a very nice morning rush top ten. Well, technically it wasn’t top ten but HOT 12 instead cause today is the Chinese new year and .. mmm… didn’t hear the whole reason 😉

Well, since college, I was inspired by Zen teachings. Romeo lent me a book entitled “Book of Zen” and it was worth reading. It enlightens me every time I am getting weary.

Book of Zen Comic Illustration

For me, it is not like your typical novel that you should read in just one sitting, instead, read it by randomly flipping the pages. Read it when you feel like reading it. It is only then you could absorb the lesson it is suppose to teach.

Here is a link of some zen quotes.

Hope it could enlighten or inspire you in some way. 🙂

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Happy Chinese New Year

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Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Today is the new year celebration of our fellow Chinese. It is the opening of the year of ox.

I was born in the year of the Ox. Some says I’ll be lucky this year while some says this year will experience more sorrow and pain. Also an annular solar eclipse will occur today at around nine in the morning. Solar eclipse for some is a bad omen that is why many believe that it would be an unlucky year. Worse than the previous year of the rat.

Well, whichever is the case, I still have the hold of my future. I’ll try my best to be rational to have the rightful judgment over things and be able to choose the right path.


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Marriage. Oh Well

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Posted at “Marriage. Oh Well” on December 29, 2007.

Another holiday would be over again soon and time seems so fast that i just remembered I’ve just celebrated new year’s eve a year ago. I kinda feeling old already at this age of mine. Or is it just too much thinking or am i over-accepting the reality that my age would get older this year and the coming years.

Most of my friends, common friends and friends of friends are already settling to what they call “the marriage life”. I often tease my better half to get married soon. If it can be today then be it! But we always end up joking and laughing at each other. We always talked about not rushing things up and to get stable in both our jobs and career.

What a sweet idea of getting married after six years. By then, we would be six years older than now and hopefully we have already succeeded in our own paths. I’m really happy to have a partner like him, so understanding and patient and loving … Better stop it there, for my topic might get a tremendous twist.

Oh well, back to marriage life, i am really frantic about the word. It’s like I’ll be trapped in the dungeon with all exits will be sealed and you will be locked forever. That’s why i admire those who have all the courage to take their vows. They always say that once you have found the right one for you then it would be a happy ever after. Hopefully everyone does, crossed-finger. And i wished that i would be with those who had a fairytale ending. I respect the sanctity of marriage that is why, if ever, i don’t want to get divorced or annulled. I still give importance to its value even if i do not look like one, hehe.

Well, thankfully, i could say i have found him and i am really looking forward to the future. After all, six years is just a short time.