Simbang Gabi

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Today is the start of simbang gabi for Filipinos. It has been a custom already since the spaniards time in our country.

Eversince I learned about simbang gabi, I haven’t finished the tradition even once. Waking up early is a very difficult for me especially now that the atmosphere is cold and I much prefer rolling up in my bed.

It is a common belief that once you were able to complete the simbang gabi you are entitled for a wish. This is one reason that many people has been anticipating for this mass. As for others, it’s a time to get together and mingle with their friends though most of times they tend to go overboard and just made the church their official rendezvous. Some take this as an opportunity to court there special ones.

Other remarkable in the scene are the food that you could usually buy during the holidays. There the puto-bubong and bibingka which are always present. You could them as low as Php10.00 each. In others, you could buy salabat and thick cocoa as your breakfast drink. Yummy!

I learned a new term last night by the way. Simbang gabi is called “Anticipated Mass” in english. I’ve never heard of term until last night. 😀 hehe

To all who are going to anticipated mass, good luck and take care and I hope you don’t belong to those bystanders outside the church. May your primary purpose is to attend the mass.

Happy holidays.

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