New Workstation

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Yesterday, I requested to be transferred to another workstation. Due to unwanted and unavoidable noise, which couldn’t be helped due a large number of clients in the office, I decided to move myself away.

Working in chaotic environment is painful in the head and often causes dizziness and irritated feelings. My boss approached me and told me that I would be transferred to Romeo’s area. Even if you can’t see it in my face, deep inside I have a big, wide smile. hehe

It was an ideal station for me, near the corner and the window where i could take a peek at the outside world.

When I came to the office today, my system unit hasn’t been transferred so romeo voluntarily did the job for me. He moved my system unit and assembled the computer to my new area while i happily took my things: desktop calendar, paper sheets, broken headset and of course, my computer chair. 😀

It was a very nice comfy spot and I really love it. We are 3 stations in our row, from left to right: me, Papa Jim and Romeo. Papa Jim has been asking me to exchange places with him but I gave him my devilish smile and said no. bwahahaha


To add delight to my morning, sir gave us a big bag of “maxmallows”. Don’t know why but don’t care, it’s food and nobody should reject food!


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