Month: December 2008

I’m On holidays

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it’s only day three of my vacation and every single minute was worth the vacay.

i am really having fun and have loads of stories to tell. just went to the computer shop to check my mail today. i will definitely be back on January 5 but I’ll try my best to fix my computer so I could get online everyday.

Happy Holidays to all.


Merry Christmas

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Have a great holiday ^_^

Merry Christmas

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Christmas Holiday 2008

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Oh my! The holiday vacation starts tomorrow.woo hoo…

And because it is time to relax, there will be no Internet use for me. Well, technically I won’t be able to access the Internet from home because my computer is broken and I am so lazy to fix it. I just borrow my boyfriend’s laptop to satisfy my Internet addiction.

But because he will be going to the province, I won’t be able to touch the keyboard and view the monitor for a week.


It would be like trapped inside Big Brother’s house with no computers and Internet connection. No blogging, no facebook, no forum, no emails, no chatting, nothing!!!! The worst nightmare that would definitely came to life for me. 😦

Oh well, there are lots of computer cafe’s around. hehe I am stingy when it comes to renting computer.

Happy Holidays to all!


MyPhone B31 Review

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My previous post about buying myPhone B31 have gathered a lots of readers and some have asked questions about my new myPhone.

So today, I decided to give a short feedback about myPhone B31.

  1. Features. FM Tuner, VGA Camera, MP3/MP4
  2. Applications. Calculator, Notepad, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Games, EBook, Recorder
  3. Memory. Can be expandable memory card of up to 2Gb microSD. microSD card is not included when you buy one.
  4. Size. The phone is slim, half  of a peso coin to be exact, and 4-inches in length.
  5. WAP. It is already WAP enabled but I haven’t tried to access the Internet. There is a default setting for the WAP but it can’t connect me to the Internet. So before you buy, check the WAP setting if it is working which is a step that I missed.
  6. Messaging. Both SMS and MMS.
  7. Connectivity. GSM and GPRS.
  8. Camera. 0.3 MB VGA
  9. USB. Yes, it is USB-enabled. Just install the cellphone software first.
  10. Themes. No themes available.
  11. Wallpaper. There are default wallpaper but you could have some downloaded using your USB cable. Size is 128x160px
  12. Sound. Nice, audible sound.
  13. Accessories. Earphone, USB cable, charger
  14. Battery. It last 4 hours while using the radio, 48hours for standby mode and 3 hours for talk-time.
  15. Network. As of now, myPhone is not yet openline. It only works under Globe network.
  16. Service and Warranty. 1-year service warranty and 1-week replacement.
  17. Technical Support. You can have your myPhone checked to the nearest Globe center nationwide.

For me it is a nice buy in very affordable price.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


*** This is not a paid post.

Hectic Weekend

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It’s been a very long weekend for me. I even cancelled some of my appointments because my schedule is already bloated.

I was so tired to go to the office today but I have no choice but to come to work.

My Saturday started at six in the morning and ended at three the following day. Then Sunday started at ten and ended at one. I didn’t even got the chance to have a beauty rest :P. I wasn’t even feeling well when I woke up yesterday.

Here is a quick hint of what happened during the weekends:

  • Celebrity Close-up
  • Celebration Preparation
  • Annual Party
  • First Birthday Bash

Well, I’ll blog later about where I went and what I did during my weekend escapades. Plus, I am still waiting for the pictures that I could scavenge.


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My Posts Summary

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Out of curiosity, i decided to check how many posts i have written.

December Posts Count

As of writing, I have done 222 posts under 34 categories with 493 tags.

December Uncategorized Posts

There is about 130 posts under uncategorized which i haven’t sorted out.

When I got time, I’ll sort them out.


Backup Your Folder Using Batch File

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I got tired of copy/pasting my folder files every morning. Though it is just Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V then rename the folder, it has been a redundant and boring task.

To make things a little faster, I created a batch file for my everyday back-up routine. Well actually, i just combined scripts i got from google.

@echo off
@REM Seamonkey’s quick date batch (MMDDYYYY format)
@REM Setups %date variable
@REM First parses month, day, and year into mm , dd, yyyy formats and then combines to be MMDDYYYY

FOR /F “TOKENS=1,2 eol=/ DELIMS=/ ” %%A IN (‘DATE/T’) DO SET mm=%%B
FOR /F “TOKENS=1,2 DELIMS=/ eol=/” %%A IN (‘echo %CDATE%’) DO SET dd=%%B
FOR /F “TOKENS=2,3 DELIMS=/ ” %%A IN (‘echo %CDATE%’) DO SET yyyy=%%B
SET date=%mm%-%dd%-%yyyy%

@echo off
mkdir “D:/backup/webfolder %date%”
xcopy “C:/webfolder” “D:/backup/webfolder %date%” /E

So everyday it would create a folder

D:/backup/webfolder monthtoday-daytoday-yeartoday  (D:/backup/webfolder 12-16-2008)

Then copy the files and subdirectory from


to the new backup folder directory

And because my work is starts at 7am, i created a scheduled task every 7:30am everyday to run my batch file.

sweet ^_^

Another step crossed out from my daily work routine.

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Simbang Gabi

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Today is the start of simbang gabi for Filipinos. It has been a custom already since the spaniards time in our country.

Eversince I learned about simbang gabi, I haven’t finished the tradition even once. Waking up early is a very difficult for me especially now that the atmosphere is cold and I much prefer rolling up in my bed.

It is a common belief that once you were able to complete the simbang gabi you are entitled for a wish. This is one reason that many people has been anticipating for this mass. As for others, it’s a time to get together and mingle with their friends though most of times they tend to go overboard and just made the church their official rendezvous. Some take this as an opportunity to court there special ones.

Other remarkable in the scene are the food that you could usually buy during the holidays. There the puto-bubong and bibingka which are always present. You could them as low as Php10.00 each. In others, you could buy salabat and thick cocoa as your breakfast drink. Yummy!

I learned a new term last night by the way. Simbang gabi is called “Anticipated Mass” in english. I’ve never heard of term until last night. 😀 hehe

To all who are going to anticipated mass, good luck and take care and I hope you don’t belong to those bystanders outside the church. May your primary purpose is to attend the mass.

Happy holidays.

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New Workstation

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Yesterday, I requested to be transferred to another workstation. Due to unwanted and unavoidable noise, which couldn’t be helped due a large number of clients in the office, I decided to move myself away.

Working in chaotic environment is painful in the head and often causes dizziness and irritated feelings. My boss approached me and told me that I would be transferred to Romeo’s area. Even if you can’t see it in my face, deep inside I have a big, wide smile. hehe

It was an ideal station for me, near the corner and the window where i could take a peek at the outside world.

When I came to the office today, my system unit hasn’t been transferred so romeo voluntarily did the job for me. He moved my system unit and assembled the computer to my new area while i happily took my things: desktop calendar, paper sheets, broken headset and of course, my computer chair. 😀

It was a very nice comfy spot and I really love it. We are 3 stations in our row, from left to right: me, Papa Jim and Romeo. Papa Jim has been asking me to exchange places with him but I gave him my devilish smile and said no. bwahahaha


To add delight to my morning, sir gave us a big bag of “maxmallows”. Don’t know why but don’t care, it’s food and nobody should reject food!