Nanowrimo Mission: Failed! Aw

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It is the fourth week of nanowrimo writing and I have only written a page. Even though there are numerous words clouding my head, once i sat down in front of the computer, I am completely lost.

I really regret not finishing my novel for the nanowrimo contest but that doesn’t mean I won’t finish it. I’ll try my best to write but not, I am free of the 30-days pressure that has been bugging me.

A part of me wants to speed write the remaining of the 50000 words but in the end I realized, it’s not worth rushing. It would ruin the real goal of the contest: “to write a post daily until the 50000 words is met”.

I’ll try again my luck next year but I’ll finish my current novel. Besides, this is my first novel and it would be a waste to keep it hanging in the air.

To all the nanowrimo writers, best of luck and happy writing! 🙂


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