Christmas Wishlist 2008

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It is 30 days before Christmas and i am still in denial. I can’t believe that it is already Christmas season. It’s not that I don’t want to celebrate it. It’s just that I am not yet ready for it.

Christmas is the season of sharing and giving. It’s the time to forgive and forget. The holiday season where everybody should be happy.

Me and my brother would be celebrating the holidays together alone. This would be the second time that Mama is in Thailand.

I am really looking forward for the long holiday vacation next month. I have readied a lot of plans 😈 Hopefully we could stick to it.

And because this is the time where Santa Claus appears and grant the wishes of children. ehem! And so, here is my wish list for Christmas 2008:

To have:

  • Eleven Minutes By Paulo Coelho
  • Smartbro Wireless Prepaid
  • “II” – Boyz II Men original CD and their other albums
  • MacBook Air
  • PSP-3000
  • Kiyosaki’s Books especially “Why We Want You To Be Rich” coauthored by Donald Trump

To be able to:

  • Pass my Zend PHP 5 Certification
  • Go to Ocean Park Manila with my bro(no time hehe 😀 )
  • Get our Dec30 salary on Dec23
  • Finish our portfolio site
  • Play Cashflow 101 Board Game

I have others in mind but these are what I really wanted. Maybe I’ll make another list later. 😀


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