Once I Was Spendthrift

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I have been living my life for almost a decade now, from being a working student to having a professional job. A lot of things has gone through my life. Numerous obstacles came my way as well as various tough decisions to make.

From my experience, money handling has been hard especially when you don’t have the proper skills and discipline to manage your finances. You always tend to be broke and unable to buy the things the you needed.

Before, I was recklessly wasteful when my allowance is handed to me. I’ll go the nearest mall and buy the things I want.

I was raised in the typical environment where people are drowned in debts and everyone knows nothing but to talk about money and the luxuries it could give you. Once someone get their salary, instantly, they go shopping galore as if there is no tomorrow. And then on the following day, runs to the nearest sari-sari store to loan for grocery goods. Envious neighbors try their best to be competitive with one another and buy things that they saw the other one bought. Take note, it should be more expensive and of better brand than the other one.

I was born with no permanent address and that my family is financially broken. While I was young and someone gives me money, I’ll buy everything that can be bought with the money given to me. I feel happy of course. I was kid!

But then as I grew up, I learned to value every penny that land unto my hands. I realized that not everyday, and especially not forever, someone would be that nice to just give me some money. Slowly, I became thrifty.

Many calls me stingy but I don’t care. I need to have a lot of self control and spend only for the things I need. Every payday, i see to it that i already have my budget list and segregate the payment for utility bills and allowances. Afterwards, I save up all the remaining amount.

So far, I am financially stable. I am able to provide for my family and live a simple life.

It is a very nice feeling to accomplish simple tasks like this. At the end of the day, you are relieved and satisfied of your accomplishment.


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