Fruit of My Labor

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Just got back to my station from BPI. I overtook my break for about 30 minutes but its worth it.

After numerous plans of opening a savings account and several attempts of getting requirements, finally, I was able to open a bank account. I’ve been longing for this for the longest time in my life. But because i am somewhat wasteful in handling money sometimes or some circumstances arrive, my mission always failed.

But today was not an ordinary day.

*** drum rolls ***

For today… was day…  that I have fulfilled one of my goals! 🙂

Woo hoo! I am so happy.

Ms. Vilma (not Santos) assisted me with my account opening. She was accommodating and very kind but due to the fact that she was multi-tasking, it took me almost an hour to finish my transaction.

I opened Express Teller Savings account with the amount of

*** drum rolls ***

… P500.00  😛 rofl!

My ATM card will be released tomorrow if there will be no problem in fabrication(?) or if I there is no account holder name like mine. Tomorrow, I’ll be heading back to take the price of my hard work. The 500 pesos fruit of my labor.



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