Month: November 2008

Greetings: Happy Thanksgiving 2008

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Today is the day to be grateful for another prosperous year that we had. It is the time to give thanks for all the trials that came to our lives. We may not be able to overcome them all but still we are here, alive and kicking, keeping our faith and courage to move on.

This is also the moment to have a minute or two to reflect and be thankful for the blessings that was given to us. Primarily the life given to us that makes us experience how wonderful the world is. Secondly, our family, friends and loved ones who were always there to support us. Our frenemies and critics that makes us strive harder to grow more. The talent and skills that we have in order to survive the harsh environment around us.

To all, those who are celebrating this day and those who don’t, basically everybody, happy thanksgiving to us!


image source: Sending Scam SMS

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Last 26th of November this year, I received another scam sms message telling me to reload their mobile phone.

This was the original text message sent to me:

“ > hon d2 ka mag reply load mo ako 150pesos (Hon, reply in this number. Reload me 150 pesos) +639155272787″

I visited and found out that it is a bulk text messaging software. An efficient tool for scamming other people.

I already posted earlier about text scams like this. I am starting to forget the total count of sms that i received with the same motive. Hopefully whoever handles this kind of scam is already doing proper action against.

Thankfully,ย  I don’t easily fall for such act.

Scammers are growing in numbers. Tsk!

Nanowrimo Mission: Failed! Aw

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It is the fourth week of nanowrimo writing and I have only written a page. Even though there are numerous words clouding my head, once i sat down in front of the computer, I am completely lost.

I really regret not finishing my novel for the nanowrimo contest but that doesn’t mean I won’t finish it. I’ll try my best to write but not, I am free of the 30-days pressure that has been bugging me.

A part of me wants to speed write the remaining of the 50000 words but in the end I realized, it’s not worth rushing. It would ruin the real goal of the contest: “to write a post daily until the 50000 words is met”.

I’ll try again my luck next year but I’ll finish my current novel. Besides, this is my first novel and it would be a waste to keep it hanging in the air.

To all the nanowrimo writers, best of luck and happy writing! ๐Ÿ™‚

Christmas Wishlist 2008

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It is 30 days before Christmas and i am still in denial. I can’t believe that it is already Christmas season. It’s not that I don’t want to celebrate it. It’s just that I am not yet ready for it.

Christmas is the season of sharing and giving. It’s the time to forgive and forget. The holiday season where everybody should be happy.

Me and my brother would be celebrating the holidays together alone. This would be the second time that Mama is in Thailand.

I am really looking forward for the long holiday vacation next month. I have readied a lot of plans ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Hopefully we could stick to it.

And because this is the time where Santa Claus appears and grant the wishes of children. ehem! And so, here is my wish list for Christmas 2008:

To have:

  • Eleven Minutes By Paulo Coelho
  • Smartbro Wireless Prepaid
  • “II” – Boyz II Men original CD and their other albums
  • MacBook Air
  • PSP-3000
  • Kiyosaki’s Books especially “Why We Want You To Be Rich” coauthored by Donald Trump

To be able to:

  • Pass my Zend PHP 5 Certification
  • Go to Ocean Park Manila with my bro(no time hehe ๐Ÿ˜€ )
  • Get our Dec30 salary on Dec23
  • Finish our portfolio site
  • Play Cashflow 101 Board Game

I have others in mind but these are what I really wanted. Maybe I’ll make another list later. ๐Ÿ˜€

Once I Was Spendthrift

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I have been living my life for almost a decade now, from being a working student to having a professional job. A lot of things has gone through my life. Numerous obstacles came my way as well as various tough decisions to make.

From my experience, money handling has been hard especially when you don’t have the proper skills and discipline to manage your finances. You always tend to be broke and unable to buy the things the you needed.

Before, I was recklessly wasteful when my allowance is handed to me. I’ll go the nearest mall and buy the things I want.

I was raised in the typical environment where people are drowned in debts and everyone knows nothing but to talk about money and the luxuries it could give you. Once someone get their salary, instantly, they go shopping galore as if there is no tomorrow. And then on the following day, runs to the nearest sari-sari store to loan for grocery goods. Envious neighbors try their best to be competitive with one another and buy things that they saw the other one bought. Take note, it should be more expensive and of better brand than the other one.

I was born with no permanent address and that my family is financially broken. While I was young and someone gives me money, I’ll buy everything that can be bought with the money given to me. I feel happy of course. I was kid!

But then as I grew up, I learned to value every penny that land unto my hands. I realized that not everyday, and especially not forever, someone would be that nice to just give me some money. Slowly, I became thrifty.

Many calls me stingy but I don’t care. I need to have a lot of self control and spend only for the things I need. Every payday, i see to it that i already have my budget list and segregate the payment for utility bills and allowances. Afterwards, I save up all the remaining amount.

So far, I am financially stable. I am able to provide for my family and live a simple life.

It is a very nice feeling to accomplish simple tasks like this. At the end of the day, you are relieved and satisfied of your accomplishment.

My First 354 Words

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My finally, I got my hand into writing and was able to post my first nanowrimo page. It consists of 354 words. I am two weeks behind but it doesn’t matter. I brain cells have ignited their engines and are in the rush of writing.

Maria’s shoes will start its journey today.

Hope you’ll like it. I have places an RSS list on the right panel of this wordpress blog. You’ll also see my accoomplished number of words.

Happy reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

Best and Worst Photos from “America’s Next Top Model” 11

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Here are some of the best photos taken from “America’s Next Top Model” 11. I just copied the description for each image.

I Like this best:

Elina climbs the ladder of success like a natural superhero. The photo shoot challenge found her swinging on a hanging rope ladder, but Elina managed to pull off an effortless pose. There’s no visible strain, her dress is beautiful, and her hair looks awesome blowing in the wind.

And this too, so fierce

Lauren Brie looks fabulous in the fierce eyes photo shoot shot by judge Nigel Barker. Even though her face is partially underwater, you can still sense the power in her eyes and the twisting of her arms is amazing.

McKey shines in the Amsterdam open-sea photo shoot and all of the judges, including Mr. Jay, agree. Her pose is unique and really accentuates her mile-long legs.

Analeigh was the center of attention in the Fiercee Awards Show snafus photo shoot. She was tasked with portraying an interviewer with attitude and totally nailed the character. She was able to look annoyed and pretty at the same time.

Samantha really worked her body into great poses to portray a tidal wave in the Los Angeles natural disasters photo shoot. The shape of her body even resembles a tidal wave.

View the whole slideshow atย  ‘Top Model’ best and worst

25 Secrets Learned From Failure

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Nobody wants to fail of course. But not everyone appreciates the lessons you could get from your failures.

Some of the common cliches nowadays are “Try and try again” and “It’s Okay. Better luck next time”. Only a few really understand and are able to apply to the lessons from their mistakes.

Here is a wonderful post, “How to Fail: 25 Secrets Learned through Failure“.

I am already doing some of them and I am surprised that I was doing the right thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

4. โ€œFight the good fight.โ€
Instead: Pick the right battles, at the right time, with the right people. *

There is a time and a place for everything. Make prudent decisions based on your present and future situation and capabilities rather than fighting every battle that comes your way. The hardest part for every startup is staying in the game, thus do everything you can do to stay in the game give yourself the opportunity for future success.


  • Leave big, systemic, intractable problems to big companies with the resources to get knocked down and get up again. Instead, solve simple problems (big and small) where you can have a direct impact.
  • Let large companies create standards. Stay away from basing your success on re-creating the wheel for the industry. If your valuable, innovation solutions for your customers are meant to be industry standards, then they will naturally become the standards, but do not depend on systemic change for your success.
  • Leave large, cross-industry partnerships between incumbents to large, established companies. Startups will almost always be caught between the old battles and priorities of established companies, better to not depend on having to solve their relationships for your success.

13000 Thousand Words Behind

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A week has passed and yet i haven’t written anything to post yet. I am 13000 thousands words behind and I don’t think i could make it on time.

I already have a title, a plot and some draft in my head and scattered pieces of paper.

I need to find a time to make up for the time i missed. I want to enter the contest. I long for it more than anything else.

But I can’t find the writer in me. Darn! This the moment that I need my second identity to come out but she failed me :(.

Must not lose hope. Maybe she is just hanging out somewhere or in a deep good night sleep. I hope she wakes up soon before the time is up.