After a Decade

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It’s been a decade since i graduated elementary. I barely remember the names of my classmates then. Only those who have been my friends and close me are the ones i could remember.

Tomorrow, we would be having a reunion. Gosh! I am so excited and nervous. I am to meet again the people who have been a part of my childhood days. I have informed my gs98 friends in friendster about it but i haven’t received any messages or feedback from them so far.

I really missed my buddies and I am really looking forward to see them again. Oh wait! I am having a cold feet and I feel like backing out. Trapped in between coming or not. Sigh*. I have some unclosed business that’s helding me back. Oooohh scared

To those who are gs98 graduates and knows people who have graduated from our batch, here is the reunion info passed through SMS by Goodie:

what: SJC GS’98 reunion
when: sept27 7pm
where: along timog or t.morato exact location to be confirmed
confirm your attendance to goodie 09155537416

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